BrainBread 2 – How to Start

This is a short guide for the newbie of the speed learning at a fews mins.

Short Guide to Start

How to Play Online

Step 1

Run the game then click the ”Play” to show browser UI, like it:

Step 2

Choose one ”Objective server” at the list and click to connection.

If you don’t know which one, I recommend using the servers of ASIA|SG, FaceWAN or official. They are relatively credible, classic and supported official global ranking.

However, you should choose the any server is ”supported global ranking”, because you need to game save for the game levels, for the achievement unlocking, and the any gaming counter, and it’s choose almost players, the others just like solo and using the offline profile.

The Best Profile Saving

The global profile saving can do ”auto-save”, I mean it keep your perks and game level log and allow the Steam achievement unlocking. The local and the others profile will be lost anytime and may be not support the Steam achievement system.

Shooter or Zombie, Your Job

The main is how to get the perks point and using it.

The human survivor get the perks point by the level-up, so you have to get the experience (XP) by hunting the zombie or the gang and then finish the map task, all of the best at the objective map.

The player zombie get the perks point by killing the human survivor or any bot survivor and gang, but if they killed you, you will lost once unused perks point, so you have to use all point before you death.

The health point or higher damage is the king of the game, you should actived it first.

Have We Missed

Don’t forget your KB+Mouse setting, check the options at the first for all.

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