Palworld – Base Management and Base Pals (Tips)

I’ve been thinking alot about base efficiency and worker pal passives lately to become more efficient.

Tips to Manage Base and Pals

SAN can be negated through food. Red Berries provide 0 SAN / 15 Nutrition, Baked Berries provide 1 SAN / 21 Nutrition. Hot Spring, Fluffy Beds etc. add to SAN recovery aswell.

Pal workers do work until at 50 % satiety, then they become hungry and go to eat untill back above 50 % satiety. If you just provide them with Red Berries or Baked Berries, it won’t be long, before they are back at the Feed Box. Using good food might negate the advantage of the Swift skill passive, depending on your base layout* (more on this later).

Currently from what I can tell, Salad (Lettuce / Tomato) is the best worker food. It improves worker speed and provides 11 SAN / 84 Nutrition. If you have yet to unlock Lettuce/Tomatoes the second option with best “bang for buck” would be Jam-filled Bun (Red Berries and Flour). Marinated Mushrooms (Red Berries and Mushroom) provide 7 SAN / 60 Nutrition, but I have not found an automated or efficient way of farming mushrooms. In this regard the skill passive “Diet Lover” is actually a negatively affecting skill passive.

Using a balance of Hot spring avalibility, Fluffy Pal Beds and good food, along with no negative work related skill passives to SAN will let you use the Monitoring Stand to different degrees. I have yet to do further testing on this matter. I did find that using the Monitoring Stand also increases breeding speed.

Note: If you have chests at several locations close to your farms/ores/plantations your pals will spend less time running and more time picking up items. Having just one chest in a base is very inefficient. If your farming base is ore-based, and you want everything close to your Palbox to transport to another base, you can build a Refining forge next to it, start a job and then cancel it – that way you will have all the ore in your inventory, ready to teleport.

I found Dark Pals to be more efficient base pals, as they also work during night. I use Blazehowl Noct for Kindling lvl 3, Helzephyr for lvl 3. Transport, Astegon for level 4 Mining etc.

Digtoise is actually worse than some lvl 2 Miners, when used as a base pal. It mines on par with, or in most cases worse than lvl 2 Miners. It has VERY high food consumption (almost 3 – 4 times other pals).

However, having Digtoise in your party and using it’s Pal Gear actively with Digtoise out while in a minig base is very efficient. On top of the insane damage to ores you can some times hit several ores at once if they are closely spawned and you throw Digtoise out between the two or three nodes.

If you notice that one base pal is hungry then it’s probably stuck somewhere. Looking for it in your base can be chaotic if you have many pals. An easy fix is to go to your Palbox, open an empty page, rightclick the worker pal to place it in the Palbox, then rightclick it again to move it back as a base pal.

This will reset it’s position to the Palbox, effective unstucking it and it will run to get food and continue to do jobs. This also works with Incapacitated pals, if you have a Fluffy Pal Bed: Instead of waiting 10 minutes for an incapacitated Pal to recover, place it in the Palbox and immediately return it to your worker pal section. It will spawn it at the Palbox and another Pal will move it to the Fluffy Pal Bed within a minute and restore the incapacitated Pal.

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  1. the real pro tip is to capture 5 cattiva’s as soon as you spawn thus increasing your carry weight dramatically

  2. For a much quicker revive, spawn dead friends into work at base and drag their body to a friend bed rather than placing them in the box for the ten-minute timer.

  3. Increase your pal catch rate slider to make things easier if you play single player and don’t mind changing your world settings, even after creation. You can set it higher, but I have mine at 1.5. To be sure this was accurate, I ran some tests. At level 0.5, it was difficult to catch even the simple low level friends at low health and from behind.

  4. You frequently notice tiny green glows in the distance at night. Gathering these Lifmunk Effigies is crucial because you can turn them in at a Statue of Power to raise your chances of catching Pals. Keep in mind that different types of Pal Spheres have different level limits (a normal one will simply bounce off a level 30 Pal regardless of how low their HP is). However, by raising your catching level, you can lessen the likelihood that a Pal will be able to escape the sphere once they’ve been placed inside, which will save you a ton of resources and frustration.

  5. Get XP by Catching Pals; if you catch X10 of each, you’ll receive an extra point. You can use pal souls to craft statues that will improve your friends’ stats. Furthermore, I have seen a single statue in the world that is identical to the crafted one. It’s with a Black Market Pal dealer above a mine:D

  6. In the interim until your Nitewing’s saddle is unlocked, this will allow you to access all of the starting area’s fast travel statues, which will be really helpful for exploring and gathering.

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