Thief Simulator 2 – How to Play the Game on Steam Deck

Guide to play Thief Simulator 2 with Stream Deck.

Guide to Play the Game on Steam Deck


Based on American 80’s Thief Simulator.

I completed A80sTS solely on Steamdeck, so created a layout similar to that.

Differences between game controls

A80sTS removed

  • Zoom (no zoom but steam magnifier helps)
  • Sprint toggle (lock) (so you need to hold sprint button)

TS2 addition/changes

  • PIP Map min/larger
  • Drone
  • Night-vision

Controller Layout

  • Import controller layout.
  • Game library page to the right = controller icon (next to settings gear icon).
  • Community layouts
  • SteamDeck Thief-Sim2 (TomK) Keyboard (WASD) and Mouse

In-Game Control Menu Setting

  • Launch game first menu select: Settings>
  • ‘GEAR’ icon to right of screen
  • [Enable Controller] set to OFF (unselected)

Seems to have no real effect but using SteamDeck controller as Keyboard mouse.

  • Car handling: (0.3)
  • Car camera sensitivity (20) ?
  • Create/load game to get in-game menu.

Note: move mouse : right pad/stick : select : right shoulder.

General Controls

Thief Sim 2

  • Move-vertical-up: Left-stick-y
  • Move-vertical-back: Left-stick-y
  • Learn habits (mark): Left-stick-click
  • Look-vertical: Right-stick-y
  • Look-horizontal: Right-stick-x
  • Sneak: Right-stick-click
  • Jump: A
  • Interact: B (pick up items)
  • Use-tool: X
  • Map: Y
  • Select (use item): Shoulder-Right
  • Peek: Shoulder-Left
  • Toggle-camera: D-pad-right
  • Tutorials: D-pad-left
  • Phone: D-pad-up
  • Flashlight: D-pad-down
  • Quick Select tool menu Left-Trackpad
  • Deck-magnification Right-Trackpad-push
  • Sprint (Run): L4 Back-Grip
  • Night-vision: R4 Back-Grip
  • Drone launch: L5 Back-Grip
  • Open Inventory: menu-L
  • Quick-save: menu-R


I found driving with default left stick difficult.

So set similar to 80’s sim:

  • Left trigger: Reverse
  • Right trigger: Forward
  • Left stick: Steer left / right
  • A button: Brake

Lock Picking

  • Enter/Exit lock picking: B

Level 1

  • Left stick: rotate lock
  • Right stick/pad: lock pick

Level 2

  • Left Trigger: hit pin with pick
  • Right shoulder: lock pin in place
  • Left stick: move pick to next pin

Glass cutter

  • Right shoulder: engage cutter
  • Right stick/pad: rotate cutter
  • Exit: B


  • Left stick: left/right
  • Exit: B


  • Right shoulder: engage slider (hand (keep hand on green))


  • Phone: D-pad-up
  • Left: A + D-pad-left
  • Right: A + D-pad-right (also R5 back-pad-button)
  • Select: B
  • Close: Left shoulder

Mouse Menus

Computer, notes, tasks

  • Right stick/pad: move mouse icon
  • Right Shoulder: Select
  • Left menu button: will fast exit computer.

Equipment Use

  • Equipment menu: left track pad (no need to click)


  • Equipment next: R5 back-pad-button


  • L5 [right back button]: launch/recall drone
  • A :: Up
  • L4 [right back button] :: Down
  • Left stick-push/click :: Mark (learn tenants routine, has to be line of sight)
  • Left shoulder :: Tenant time plan mode (does not have to line of sight, works through walls)
  • X :: Disable camera (R appears, note has to be on camera not the pole, can work from distance better at times than too close)

Tips & Other Stuff

To read text better on SteamDeck, in all games I assign:

  • Right Track pad click: Steam Magnifier.

Note in game the magnifier is not movable (but still useful), it is fully functional in menu options, non video screens.


  • Quick Save: using Right Steam menu button
  • Before doing a job and every time return to house always do a save-game to slot.
  • As sometimes the game will auto save which overwrites the quick save.
  • So always full save before going on a job also outside a house before going in.
  • When you bring items out to the car you can quick save, that way won’t have to repeat if caught.


There is a keybind for:

  • Flashlight mode (Z): I do not know what it’s for yet so did not assign (but if find need, could assign to :: A + D-pad-down).
  • FPS counter (=): did not assign.
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