#DRIVE Rally – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the game be free?

We’re aiming to set the price at around 20$, but you should keep an eye for a special launch discount as we want to kick things off with a bang! But most importantly – we will be using regional pricing, we want to make sure that everyone who wants to is able to join the fun, no matter where they live.

Will there be rich visual customization for vehicles like different panels, wings and etc.?

Yes, you will be able to customize cars but we will tell more about that feature later. In a few weeks I would say.

Will there be in-game purchases after buying the game?

No, #DRIVE Rally is a pay 2 play title, so there will be no microtransactions and no premium currency. There might be some paid DLC’s in the future but they will usually be bigger content packs, not something small like cosmetics.

Will the game ever be released on mobile platforms?

We’re a small indie studio so we have to take priorities – and right now our main focus is to deliver the game to PC’s and Consoles.

What about Online Co-Op?

No plans for that at the moment, and no idea how a coop rally game could look like.

Will there be Online Multiplayer?

#DRIVE Rally is a rally game, so while you’ll be able to compare your scores with other players, you will not be able to race them in real time.

How many likes does fan-made idea (e.g. map, car with coolness, or mechanics) has to have got to introduce to #DRIVE or #DRIVE Rally?

We’re not running a popularity contest. It needs to fit our vision, the game’s style and, of course, it needs to be possible to implement to the game, it doesn’t matter if your idea gets 1 like or 100 likes – the chances to get in the game are the same.

Will the game have a career mode?

Yes, but we will give more details closer to the release. It looks pretty cool though.

Will the control methods of #DRIVE rally be the same as original #DRIVE? I mean like sensitivity and steering type.

The driving in #DRIVE Rally is a totally new system so it will be a new experience. Acceleration, braking, handbrake, that kind of fun stuff.

Will there be realistic drift in the game?

We’re aiming for an arcade driving feel so drifting yes, but much more fun than in simulators. Not that realistic.

I think I’m going to ask this the 2nd time If the game would be single player does that mean the AI also improved?

DRIVE Rally is a rally game so it won’t include any real-time AI opponents during the race.

Will cars have ABS?

Cause it’s arcade style driving it’s hard to say if it’s your typical ABS, but some assists are added to the car physics.

Will each car in the game have its own “authentic” engine sound? (Or just like in the #DRIVE there will be only a few basic sounds for all cars?)

We’re aiming to have separate car sounds for each car and class.

Are there gonna be snow tracks?

We will be offering a wide variety of tracks in #DRIVE Rally, stay tuned for more updates!

Will we be able to pre-purchase it?

No pre-purchase plans at the moment.

Even though this is a rally-focused game (I mean, rally is literally in the name), will there be other cars available?

Depends on what you mean. We will try to add some cars that are not your usual rally cars. I hope that answers the question.

Will there be subtitles?

Yes, accessibility is important for us and subtitles are super important part of making sure that everyone will be able to enjoy #DRIVE Rally, we will also offer a wide variety of text localization options.

Will there be ridiculous vehicles?

As long as it’s cool and fits the style of the game, why not?

Any cars based from the 90s Group A or early WRC era?

We only focus on trends from each era in car manufacturing so you might expect some shapes and patterns from the 90s and the 80s.

Will there be Car Tuning like Camber Offset?

Because we’re doing an arcade game there’s no plan to include more mechanical car upgrades but only per class differences.

Are there going to be seasons in the new #Drive Rally? just like what’s happening in #Drive

No plans for seasons or season pass.

Will there be a Coolness system?

We’re completely reworking our customization system, players will have more possibilities of customizing the car – we want to make sure that your car will be truly yours and you will be able to design it your way.

Any sort of damage system?

No plans for that, sorry.

In the new game, we’ll have new songs or remixes of the songs we already have on #drive?

We’re creating this game from scratch, so expect new songs, however – #DRIVE veterans might spot some references here and there.

What DLC’s are planned to be added ingame?

We’re focused on finishing the game first, after that we’ll think about the DLC’s. We want to make sure that DLC’s will offer a great value for their price, rather than offering a single car for example.

Will there be pace notes icons?

We are not planning to incorporate visual pace notes icons into the game. Our design philosophy revolves around the dynamic relationship between you and your Co-Pilot. Your driving style directly influences the feedback from the Co-Pilot – the better you drive, the more accurate and helpful the pace notes become. Conversely, if your driving is poor, your Co-Pilot may become annoyed and respond with criticism and snarkly comments about it, potentially disrupting the flow of pace notes for the current section of the track.

Do you have list of supported steering wheel controllers?

Yes we do. #DRIVE Rally at the moment supports devices listed below:

  • Logitech G25
  • Logitech G27
  • Logitech G29
  • Logitech G920
  • Thrustmaster FFB Wheel
  • Thrustmaster F430
  • Thrustmaster T150
  • Thrustmaster T300 RS
  • Thrustmaster T500 RS
  • Thrustmaster TH8 Shifter
  • Thrustmaster T3PA Pedals
  • Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo S
  • Saitek Heavy Equip Wheel Pedal
  • Logitech MOMO
  • Logitech Driving Force GT
  • Thrustmaster FreeStyler Bike
  • XInput Wheel
  • Thrustmaster Ferrari 458
  • Sony PS4 Steering Wheel
  • Thrustmaster T128 PS
  • Thrustmaster T248 XBOX
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