Palworld – The ‘Perfect’ Anubis Speed Comparison

The ‘Perfect’ Anubis Speed Comparison

We all know that Anubis is a fast crafter, particularly with good traits. But I’d been wondering just how much faster the ‘perfect’ Anubis was compared to one that just had, say, Artisan and nothing else.

Without further ado, here were the results:

  • A basic Anubis (no work speed buffs) could make 50 Giga Spheres in 27 Seconds.
  • An Anubis with Artisan could make 50 Giga Spheres in 18 seconds.
  • An uncondensed Anubis with perfect traits (Lucky, Artisan, Work Slave, Serious) could make 50 Giga Spheres in 12.5 seconds.
  • A fully condensed Anubis with the same perfect traits listed above could make 50 Giga Spheres in a staggeringly fast 4.5 seconds.

What this means is that the work speed buffs increase the Pal’s speed exactly as you would predict. 50% additional work speed does actually translate to 50% increased production.

However, getting that +1 to work skills at max condensing is HUGE and translates to almost a 200% increase for an Anubis with perfect traits. If we assume that the increase to work skills acts as a multiplier, then that would mean a max condensed Anubis with no work speed buffs (or debuffs) would actually be slightly faster than an uncondensed Anubis with perfect work speed traits.

Note: No statue buffs, food, or drugs were used on the Anubis for any of these tests. These were all done just using their baseline stats from the traits and condensing. Crafting was done on the Sphere Assembly Line 2.

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