Palworld – AMD 5700XT Crash Fix Guide

This guide should rectify any issues you have with Palworld completely switching off your computer if you’re using an AMD 5700XT GPU.

How to Fix AMD 5700XT Crash


Warning: Change settings at your own risk. Tampering with GPU settings can result in errors and instability.

  • Download the latest drivers for your GPU.
  • Open AMD Radeon and locate GPU tuning (Radeon Software – Performance – Tuning).
  • Select custom, and then select GPU tuning, enabling it.
  • Enable Advanced Control, then click on Fine Tuning.
  • In the final box, change the number to 1740.
  • Voltage Change: 940.
  • Enable Fan Tuning, Advanced Control.
  • Settings for fan speed: P1 = 39, P2 = 53, P3 = 68, P4 = 100, P5 = 100.
  • Temperature settings: P1 = 36, P2 = 47, P3 = 55, P4 = 64, P5 = 75.
  • In your game options, limit FPS to 60 and change the screen to Windowed mode.
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