UNDYING – Answers for Cody’s Comic Books

Here are the correct answers when reading comic books(pink books) with Cody. It’s not related to achievements, doesn’t seem to affect his mood whether you are correct or wrong, but to make him super happy, let’s do our best!

All Questions and Answers

The Adventures of Effie Robin

2 of the questions will randomly appear

Why is the hero collecting Psionic Gems?

To find his mother

What is the most powerful metal?

Tungsten steel

What’s the laser sword’s source of energy?

Energy crystal

Who is the evil Blothorn?

The General of Aplha Star

Where did the hero’s first adventure take place?

Amnesia island

Why do the Lizardmen hunt humans?

To turn us into their mutant slaves


3 of the below will randomly appear

Who doesn’t have powers?

Dark guy

What’s Popman’s super power?

Lollipop powers

Who hasn’t defeated Popman?

Average Fred

What is Popman’s day job?


What does Popman do to transform?

Eat a lollipop

How fast is Popman?

As fast as a rocket

V-Animals Agents

4 will appear randomly

Who was sent into a black hole?

The white goat

Who lost the cruiser in the story?

The white goat

What is the cause of the neutron star explosion?

Neutron stars emerging

How did the Color Ranger lose contact with HQ?

All of the above

Who is the leader of team V-Animals?

Sunglasses man

What can you buy at the interstellar transit station?

High energy fuel tanks

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