Oxygen Not Included – How to Survive

Hello! A lot of people have many different problems in this game. May it be lack of knowledge or the so called: “Mid-game hump”, this guide will ensure that you will be able to finish the game with your colony or at least get relatively close to doing so.

Survival Guide

Buy Spaced Out

I have made out that on average every player that does not own a copy of Spaced Out DLC has a 11% higher chance of total colony failure.

Asteroid Selection

Once with a DLC copy in hand, make sure to pick The Frozen Forest asteroid. It being frozen, allows you to not worry about overheating base temperatures and lack of water. You also get pips and the asteroid is overally pretty much an easy mode for begginers.

After Asteroid Selection

Once on the map, make sure to pick a researcher, rancher and a builder. You need researchers to conduct research faster. You need the rancher to tend to the pips at all costs. You need a builder to build early game infrastructure as fast as possible.

Oxygen Problems

Do not use oxyferns. They are a waste of dirt and especially water. Use electrolyzers instead. You don’t need a set-up for the electrolyzers to catch the hydrogen, you can simply catch it later. You just need it now for the oxygen or else your colony is doomed.

Food Problems

For food you need to ranch pips. They are the best early game to mid game food source that you will be able to find. Make sure to cook the eggs into omelletes. You don’t need to use a refrigerator. On this planetoid, a refrigerator is waste of power. If you need to cool the food, just simply leave it on the floor.

Dupe Efficiency

Make sure to be as efficient with your dupe management as possible, not everything must look pretty but as long as it functions as it should, it is good enough. Make sure to cut back on travel time by adding fire poles and floor tiles in areas where your dupes travel a lot in.

Acquiring Rarer Resources | How to Make Your Colony Thrive

Now with the food and oxygen fixed, you should start to try thriving in your colony. Traverse through a portal to the other planetoid available to you and aquire thimble reed seeds. Getting reed fiber is the most important industrial material to get in the mid game on this planetoid, allowing you to make art to increase the morale of your stressed dupes and allow them to wear atmo suits to negate the cold temperature debuffs.

Final Message

Having learned everything from this guide you should be capable enough to finish your first playthrough.

Of course, when you do, make sure to try out some of the other harder planetoids like the Desolands Asteroid.

Have fun and keep duping!

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