Oxygen Not Included – Naphtha Production Blueprint

Naphtha Production

  • Goal: melt some Plastic into Naphtha
  • Author: Occam Blazer
  • Input: Plastic, Dupe Labor, power
  • Output: Naphtha bottles

Naphtha is a useful but a bit underrated resource, because melting Plastic in a controlled manner is not intuitive.

This build takes care of the controlled manner, making Naphtha easy to produce, so it can be used in various endeavors: as an additional layer for any liquid stacking, as a replacement for petroleum when you need a liquid with a large temperature range, as an insulator thanks to its low TC…

The storage bin should be set to a low amount to melt it fast enough, like 50kg, and sweep-only to avoid using too much plastic.

Note that the build uses some power bridges for heat transfer: those bridges are required at those specific places.

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