Oxygen Not Included – Deodorizer Blueprint


  • Goal: Convert Polluted Water into Oxygen and Clay
  • Author: Hotep Thunderbolt
  • Input: 1.2kg/s Polluted Water, 1.6kg/s Filtration Medium, 60W, 120s of Dupe Labor every 7 cycles
  • Output: 1.08kg/s Oxygen, 1.72kg/s Clay

The main idea of the build is to have a Dupe pump Polluted Water to supply a Bottle Emptier, but entomb that emptier before the Dupe can reach it, so that the Polluted Water falls in a very shallow pool of liquid (under 1kg/cell) which forces off-gassing to be on regardless of the actual gas pressure above.

The main point of the build is to produce Clay rather than Oxygen, but it still produces enough for 10 dupes at a fourth the power cost of 2 Oxygen Diffusers.

Note that Polluted Water tiles off-gassing was massively crippled by The Big Merge update, which means converting it to bottles allows to speed up the off-gassing rate in very few tiles.

Here is a simplified version of the build:

It doesn’t automate doors, which means it’s your responsibility to let a Dupe in and out of the room. Most of the automation complexity in the real build stems from that detail.

You will also need to add a Carbon Skimmer on each side if you let unsuited Dupes inside.

Here is the full optimized build:

At the top, buffer gates are used as diodes, to prevent signals from going backwards (they are not required for the 2 middle Dupe sensors).

The hop between the Pitcher Pump and adjacent tile has been removed to have faster traveling. As a result, the pool is narrow, and special tricks are required to fill it to the brim.

Then, 4 different signals are required to automate the left entry gate:

  • There hasn’t been a Dupe inside for a while.
  • The cycle sensor, synchronized with the Dupe schedule, indicates it’s a good time.
  • The atmosphere is too low since Deodorizers now work faster than the bottles off-gas, it’s time for a refill.
  • The pool is refilled, to prevent partial pumping at the pitcher pump.

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