Hogwarts Legacy – Some Tweaks You Might Want to Do

First of all, I’m running with 12700 + 3080Ti at 4587×1920 (1.78x DLDSR) with no RT and DLSS set to Quality. With these tweaks, my stuttering is gone and some FPS boost.

The Tweaks


Important note: First you’ll need to enable show hidden files.

  1. Once that is done head over to C:\Users(yourname)\AppData\Local\Hogwarts Legacy\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor.
  2. Locate GameUserSettings.ini
  3. Find RecFogQuality, RecPostProcessQuality, sg.PostProcessQuality (Ctrl + F to search)
  4. Change the number to -1 for those then save the file (In this case, 0=Low, 1=Med, 2=High, 3=Ultra).
    Usually 0 means OFF but i did tried set it to 0 and those fog, PostFX are still there so i set it to -1 and seems to work, did notice differences.

Im not sure what exactly does those Rec line do, but i changed the numbers as well.

Reminder: After its done, set GameUserSettings.ini to Read-Only.

Theres lot more settings you can tweak in the .ini file Volumetrics, Sky, etc…

Play around a bit if you would like to turn off something or push your gpu to its limit.

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