Hogwarts Legacy – Ultimate Guide to Get the Most Possible FPS Ingame!

How to Get the FPS Boost!

When googling around a bit more, combining that with my own knowledge of windows and pc’s in general, I now have a better guide ready to share with you all to further increase the performance ingame, and get the most fps possible with every setup that have an Nvidia card.

Unfortunally I don’t know how to do all this with AMD or Intel graphic cards so this guide is merely for Nvidia graphic card owners!

Make sure to follow every step described below. The order does not matter, but I started with the Nvidia control panel steps, but you could also start with the Update outdated DLSS step, as long as you make sure to do every step.

Nvidia Control Panel Steps

  • 1: First of all, ingame at the graphics options, click the run benchmark button, and apply these settings This will give some results for the video settings which we will use as baseline. Later I come back here to adjust some settings, but we want a baseline first.
  • 2: Next, at display options, make sure vsync is off, and nvidia reflex low latency is set to on+boost.
  • 3: Then save your game, and exit the game completely. Most likely you need to terminate the game by clicking stop in the steam client, so if you have to do it, then do so.
  • 4: In bottom right corner of your screen when on the desktop view in windows, find the arrow pointing upwards, click it, then right click the nvidia logo and then click nvidia control panel.
  • 5: At 3d settings on the left, make sure the second option is highlighted which is called something like manage 3d settings (for me its dutch, but its the second option) and then on the right of the window, select the second tab which is called something like program settings, and NOT general settings.
  • 6: In the drop down menu, find Hogwarts Legacy. If it aint there, click the add button, and then find Hogwarts Legacy there (it might take a while to load up the list when clicking add, so be patient). If it still isnt there, then click browse after clicking add, and then manually find the exe (steam\steamapps\common\Hogwarts Legacy\Hogwartslegacy.exe)
  • 7: When have selecting hogwarts legacy, make sure its highlighted in the drop down menu, and then at the bottom half of this window scroll down to vertical synchronization, click it, and select either on or fast. In my case I’ve done fast, but both works. After having done so, click apply, and then close this window.

Update Outdated DLSS

  • 1: Go here.
  • 2: At the left click the download button underneath the date named December 22nd, 2022 and download it. Make sure its the file called nvngx_dlss_2.5.1.zip
  • 3: Open the file, and then select the file inside called nvngx_dlss.dll and press CTRL+C together on your keyboard.
  • 4: Navigate to where you have installed the game: In steam click Libary, right click hogwarts legacy and select properties, then local files, and then browse.
  • 5: In the windows window that comes up, open engine, then open plugins, then open runtime, then open nvidia, then open DLSS then open binaries, then open thirdparty, then open win64, and then press CTRL+V together on your keyboard and let the system overwrite the file thats already inside.

In theory its just download the updated dlss from techpowerup, and then copy the file inside to the right place and then overwrite.

Now you have the updated DLSS version, which works wonders ingame so far, so dont forget to do this step!

CFG Overwrite Settings

  • 1: Press the windows button on your keyboard.
  • 2: Type exploit protection and click it in the menu that comes up.
  • 3: Click the program settings tab
  • 4: Click the Add program to customise
  • 5: Click the Choose exact file path”
  • 6: Navigate to the HogwartsLegacy app and select it (Steam\steamapps\common\Hogwarts Legacy)
    • Scroll down to the Control flow guard (CFG)
    • Check the Override system settings” and toggle the on to off
    • Click Apply

Normally you would need to restart the pc now, but to make things a bit more simple we first gonna do the last step.

Geforce Experience Settings

This step is optional, so you can decide if you want to do it or not.

  • 1: In the bottom right of the taskbar, next to the clock, find the arrow pointing upwards, then right click the nvidia logo and select geforce experience.
  • 2: In geforce experience click hogwarts legacy, and then let it find the optimal settings, and then hit the apply button.
  • 3: In this case ray tracing might get enabled, so you might turn that off here again, unless you are absolutely sure you can have ray tracing enabled without huge performance issues.

Rebooting PC

After the CFG overwrite settings and presumably the Geforce experience settings, reboot your pc.

Then launch hogwarts legacy again, and load into the game

If youve done everything correctly, you will see you have a lot more fps then that you had before.

So now go back to the graphic options, and if they not already all at ultra, just “up” a few more settings of your choice. For me I’ve upped the textures, sky and folliage, and I’ve lowered the shadows by one.

So, this was it for this guide. For now this will get you the best experience as what is possible for now without the game being patched yet.

You still might have fps dips here and now to some degree, but they should happen less often, and when they do happen, they dont last that long anymore as how they did prior to do these adjustments.

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