Hogwarts Legacy – More “In Depth” Sorting of House and Wand and Bonus Items

More “In Depth” Sorting of House and Wand and Bonus Items

So, for you that still waits for Hogwarts Legacy to release the 10th, you can already have the hat choose your house, wand and even patronus (Patronus will not be in game AFAIK) for the actual game. You will also get some free exclusive items delievered to you for doing this, a Beaked Skull mask and a “House Fan-atic School Robe”. You can also choose to do this sorting in-game, but you will miss these extra rewards. Also this is a little more in depth and more “story like” than what you will se in game. Perfect if you really want to live in the world of HP.

  • 1: All you need to do is to connect your Wbgames account found here.
  • 2: Login to your WBgames account or create a new one if you have none (this needs to be the same you will sign into the game with)
  • 3: You will then go to “Connections” and connect it to “Harry Potter Fan Club”
  • 4: You will need to make a account on this website which you get redirected here.
  • 5: Login and complete all the questions to gain your house, wand and patronus.
  • 6: Now when you completed all tasks, go here and check that your account is connected now, otherwise just connect it here.

You can later change both house and wand in-game if you want too. You can also remove your account at wizardingworld and make a new one if you want to change anything. You can’t simply edit it at the website.

Also if you want to really fall into the world of HP, why not name your character to an actual character name that with ease could fit into this story? Be sure to check that guide here:

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