Hogwarts Legacy – Daedalian Key and Cabinet List

A quick list of all daedalian keys and their corresponding cabinet locations, listed alphabetically by building/room.

Daedalian Keys and Cabinets Quick Guide

Astronomy Tower

Astronomy Tower (quest)

  • Key: landing near top of tower
  • Cabinet: inside Astronomy classroom

Central Hall

  • Key: near Herbology door
  • Cabinet: right side of stairs near Transfiguration Courtyard door
  • Key: under the southwest stairs going up
  • Cabinet: northeast at bottom of first staircase going down, on landing

    (Potions Hall)
  • Key: outside potions classroom
  • Cabinet: down the stairs, end of the corridor

Clock Tower

  • Key: 2nd floor
  • Cabinet: 3rd floor

Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower

  • Key: near rhino skeleton
  • Cabinet: 3rd floor, along wall across from Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom


  • Key: bottom of stairs beside barrels
  • Cabinet: to the left of barrels, end of the corridor
  • Key: in front of sleeping dragon
  • Cabinet: on landing above sleeping dragon

Entrance Hall

  • Key: landing at top of the stairs
  • Cabinet: down the stairs, to the right

Faculty Tower

  • Key: 2nd floor landing
  • Cabinet: under the stairs

Great Hall

  • Key: in front of fireplace
  • Cabinet: up the stairs to left of main door (when facing door)

Hospital Wing

  • Key: far end of hall across from prefect’s bathroom
  • Cabinet: beside prefect’s bathroom door


  • Key: between 2nd and 3rd bookcases on left hand side
  • Cabinet: right hand side, back wall

North Hall

  • Key: base of the stairs, main floor
  • Cabinet: top floor

Quad Courtyard

  • Key: at the corner near Great Hall’s courtyard
  • Cabinet: next to door of corridor outside Gryffindor Tower

Reception Hall

  • Key: grand staircase, 5 landings up from Reception Hall upper landing
  • Cabinet: across from hourglasses, upper landing

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