Cyberpunk 2077 – Incredible Middle Mouse Button Fix for Logitech Options

Middle Mouse Button Fix

Middle mouse button is not working? Open Explorer an go to:

  • C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Logishrd\LogiOptions\devices\6b023

Open the .XML file with your Windows-Editor.

Search for:

<fn_controlid rawxy="1" actiongroup7="win8nav2" actiongroup8="win8nav2" rawwheel="0" group="3" groupmask="7" id="0x0052" reprogrammable="true" type="mouse" taskidlist="middleButtonTaskList2" gestureidlist="othersGestureidList" actiongrouplist="win8NavList" actiongroup="virtualdesktop">
<task id="0x003a" class="mouseclick">

Add into the task id-line following text:


At the end, the line has to look like this:

<task divert="0" id="0x003a" class="mouseclick">

Save and Exit, start the game.

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Originally posted by: DesertFox


  1. Thank you DesertFox for writing this article. It corrected the middle mouse button issues with the game. Also, thank you Betty Lighhold for your input on the smooth scrolling! I can actually navigate menus now.

  2. Almost missed this one – write the text yourself and do not copy from the article – the quotation marks are messed up:
    should be
    good luck!

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