Cyberpunk 2077 – All Collectibles for Vi’s Apartment

Playing Cyberpunk 2077, Vee not only collects scars after completing a number of missions and tasks, but also collects interesting collectibles and memorabilia. Vi’s journey is rewarded with memories that can breathe life into Vi’s apartment in the H10 megastore. This guide describes all the memorabilia that can be unlocked and collected in Cyberpunk 2077, including the Phantom Liberty expansion.

Both in the base game and in the Cyberpunk 2077 DLC, you can find several collectibles in Vi’s apartment that are completely unrelated to the storage wall. Apartment Vi will allow players to remember quests, side quests and other impressive feats, but for this they need to know how to unlock all the collectibles of Apartment Vi in Cyberpunk 2077.

Initial Set of Items

Arasaka WatchA parting gift for those who were fired in the life of the Corps. Players will receive it after the “Rat Corporation” prologue. There’s nothing special about it, it’s just a digital watch with the Arasaka logo.

Car model Turbo-R V-TechAfter completing the Nomad prologue as part of the Nomad Life Path, players will be able to get a Turbo-R V-Tech car model. On the hood of this model is the Bakkers logo, which the Nomad clan had on this journey.

Diorama “Night City”By choosing the “Streetkid” life path, the player can get a diorama of the Night City with the Arasaka Tower in the center. This shows that Arasaka is the goal, and players will one day be able to reach the top after the “Streetkid” prologue.

Plush Troll Shoop

If a player connects the Cyberpunk 2077 game to a GOG account, they will receive a plush Shupe Troll, which is located on the “My Rewards” tab in the game name menu. Shoop will be sitting on V’s couch, it was developed by the terrible company Arasaka. The name comes from the stone troll Shoop from The Witcher.

Nibbles the Cat

In Cyberpunk 2077, players can take a stray cat as a pet if they find cat food and leave it in an empty food bowl near their apartment. When they return to this place, they can take Nibbles and leave the cat in the apartment, where he will walk, meow and purr.

An Iguana Egg

During the “Robbery”, an iguana egg can be found in Yorinobu Arasaki’s penthouse. If you put it in Vi’s apartment, the iguana will hatch from the egg after 2 months in the game, and Vi will get a pet iguana that can roam around the apartment.

Jackie’s Posters

To get Jackie’s posters, players must send Jackie’s body to his mother or make Delaman wait for Vee. If players send Jackie to Victor Vector, they will not open the side quest “Heroes”, in which V goes to Jackie’s garage and finds these posters.

The Big Trouble In Heywood AR Game

As part of the River Ward quest, players must complete the Peter Pan case and find River’s missing nephew. After completing the task, players will have access to the “Following the River” mission, where they will play the AR game “Big Trouble in Heywood” with River, his niece and nephew. After completing this task, the AR game can be found in Vi’s apartment.

Kerry Eurodine Vinyl Record Player

After completing the Kerry Eurodin quest, players can complete the Boat Drinks game, and then wait for a while until Kerry sends a message to V’s computer, which will mention the player, as well as several vinyl records with Kerry Eurodin’s cover version of the song “Chippin”. “In”, which was hit by a Samurai. Gamers can’t actually play music on this player, but it will make a great collectible.

The Dream Catcher

Players must find all the Tarot cards in Cyberpunk 2077, and then return to Misty to complete the “Fool on the Hill” quest. Players will be rewarded with Misty’s Dreamcatcher, which hangs over V’s bed in their apartment.

The Altar of the Zen Master

There is also an altar of a Zen master next to Vi’s bed. This memory can be obtained after completing the quest “Meetings on the Edge”, where Vi must undergo another meditation under the guidance of a mysterious Zen master.

Scorpion Figurine

Continuing the quest chain from Panam Palmer and Aldecaldo, players will get to the “I’ll Fly Away” quest given by Mitch Anderson. In this mission, players will fulfill the last wish of Mitch’s best friend, Scorpio, and for this they will receive the Scorpion mascot, a Scorpion figurine from the famous fighting game series. Players must manually place it on the coffee table in V’s apartment.

The Branchesi Painting

Completing the side quest Space Oddity will reward players with the painting “Untitled 18 0 Branchesi”, 2021. Although it can be sold, it looks great on the Vi wall. This task can be completed in Santo Domingo by negotiating a suitcase from a homeless person.

Judy’s Diving Equipment

After completing Judy’s task, the player will receive a box of diving equipment from her. The mission ends with the “Song of the Pyramids”, which will be a pleasant memory for Judy before she leaves Night City.

Photo Laguna Bend

After “Pyramid Song” and Judy’s successful engagement as a romantic partner, Judy will donate a photo of Laguna Bend to Vee’s woman’s apartment if Vee accepts a copy of the photo in their phone messages.

Campaign Poster “Vote for Perales”

Players can get a poster featuring Jefferson Perales with a gun, which was the main poster used in Perales’ campaign. To do this, you need to complete the additional task “I fought the law”.

Lizzie Whizzy Concert Poster

After completing the Lizzie Whizzy quest, players will receive a poster of the Lizzie Whizzy concert, which took place in 2075, long before Lizzie Whizzy killed her boyfriend and V hid it. Players can receive this reward automatically after completing the Violence side quest.

Chest with Roach

In patch 1.6, players will be able to take part in the “Move, Roach” mini-game on any slot machine. However, by taking 3rd, 2nd or 1st place on the leaderboard, players will be able to get a permanent Roach Race chest placed at the front door of their apartment.

AV Model of the Trauma Team

In Update 2.0, players can play the Trauma Drama mini-game. When they reach the maximum number of points, they will get an opportunity from Macroware, the developers of this game, inside the game. As a result of completing this task, in the “Career Opportunities” section, players will receive an AV Mini Trauma Team model for an apartment.

An Autographed Vinyl Record

89.7 GROWL FM is a radio station aimed at anti—establishment Dogtown listeners. The radio station can be found in the Night City near the Batty Hotel. Here you can choose the best song and receive a scanned CD with the selected song for Vi’s apartment as a gift.

The Core of the Chimera

After defeating the Chimera, the player can pick up the Chimera Core at the beginning of the quest “Lucretia is My Reflection”. The player can then place this large object on the coffee table in front of the window of V’s apartment and watch it rotate and glow.

Braindance Lizzie Whizzy

After completing “You Know My Name” in the Phantom Liberty DLC, players will receive a message from Alex, who sent Braindance to V’s apartment. This Braindance is a live performance by Lizzie Wizzy from the Black Sapphire party. It can be found on V’s couch and is available at any time.

Metal Badge

The second storyline (without spoilers) is the help of a non-runner Jay. For completing story quests on her side, Vee will receive a message from Jay with coordinates at the end. There you can take a small metal badge in memory of your friendship with Song Mi.

NUSA Medal

If you agree to President Myers’ proposal and complete her assignments exactly (if without spoilers), then Vee will receive a medal at the end of the storyline. It can be placed in the apartment as a reminder of the escape from the local civil war between Myers and Hansen.

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