Cyberpunk 2077 – How to Increase Your FOV Beyond 100

A quick guide for people like me who enjoy having their FOV beyond 100.

Getting More Fov

Make Sure Your Game Is Turned Off

(Side note, i’m not sure if you need to make the FOV slider go to the minimum first but thats what I did, if anyone can confirm it works the other way round then thank you).


Either go to your steamapps and then find the Cyberpunk 2077 or right click the game in steam and then go to “browse local files”, after this follow the path bellow in the image to get to the pc file.

Then open the “Options.JSON” file, use notepad.


Upon opening the file with notepad press CTRL+F and type “field” (you could type the whole word but I can’t be bothered and field is all that’s needed).


Find the line called “max_value”: 100.0, change it to whatever value you want it to be. I used “max_value”: 120.0.

(Make sure you end whatever value you type with a .0 at the end or the game wont launch. I learned that the hard way).


Ingame your fov slider will max out at the value you chose it to be…

Bamn you’re done, first guide i’ve done so sorry if the images don’t work properly or anything like that but hopefully you can understand with my text, i’ll try to get examples done for people.

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  1. Just tried this without setting the slider to the minimum. It works anyway. Thanks for the tip, I was filling claustrophobic! Really useful guide!

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