Cyberpunk 2077 – Easy XP for Combat Skills

Do you ever find your self wishing you could earn experience quickly in your Cyberpunk combat skills? Well now you can and this guide shows how.

How to Get XP Easy

How much XP can you earn by this method?

With this method you can expect to earn roughly 3000-6500 experience towards your main combat skill every time you complete these steps.

Important: Sometimes when the combat ends it won’t show the experience you received. You however still get the experience, just for some reason the buggy UI doesn’t display it half the time.

Where to go and what to do?

To successfully earn the experience follow the steps below:

  • Travel to the area shown below:
  • Kill the enemies directly behind the fast travel terminal in the parking lot. There should be 4-5 enemies.
  • Get your XP.
  • Return to the fast travel terminal and teleport to the terminal shown below:
  • Teleport back to the fast travel terminal shown in the first image and repeat steps 1-5.

Hopefully this helps you level your skills and thank you for reading!

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