Cyberpunk 2077 – Two Files for Changing Most Keybinds

Between two files you can edit most keybinds without mods.

  • UserSettings.json – stores what you can change in-game.
  • InputUserMappings.xml – stores settings not available to you in-game.

How to Guide

I was driven to re-assign Sandevistan from the default ‘E’ to somewhere less likely to be fat-fingered. But when I try and find what ‘E’ is assigned to in-game, it can’t be found.

That’s because only some things are set via in-game keybinds, and those settings get stored in:

  • C:\Users\<Your PC>\AppData\Local\CD Projekt Red\Cyberpunk 2077\UserSettings.json

This file is important because it’s how you can find out what the game calls your keys so you can use them in the other file that matters, which has the other actions you might want to change but can’t access in-game:

  • <your game install path>\steamapps\common\Cyberpunk 2077\r6\config\inputUserMappings.xml

This file is where I found the action for Sandevistan(IconicCyberware Button) and ‘E’, which I changed to Numpad+. I love Numpad+ for fast actions like heals or Sandevistan. Just whap it with my mousehand thumb. Never accidentally gets triggered.

  • <mapping name=”IconicCyberware_Button” type=”Button” >
  • <button id=”IK_NumPlus” overridableUI=”iconic”/>
  • <button id=”IK_Pad_LeftRightShoulder” />

To do this, I had to assign Numpad+ to something in-game to find out they call it ‘NumPlus’. I was then able to go to the second file and type that in, replacing ‘E’.

If you can’t find the action in-game in key bindings, then you will likely find it here. It looks like ‘F’ default action assignments are also here. Search for IK_F. Ignore the F key ones like IK_F5 and you can likely change ‘F’ without mods. I’m happy with ‘F’ staying as is so didn’t bother.

Using the first file is how I found out what the game calls some keys so I could use them.

Another good one to change might be Scan(Toggle). I moved it from CapsLock to Numpad minus (NumMinus) so I quit accidentally toggling it on.


  • 1) Use Notepad to open these files and ‘Edit/Find and Find Next from the Notepad menu bar.
  • 2) AppData is normally hidden so you’ll need to check ‘Hidden Items’ under ‘View’ in ‘File Explorer’.
  • 3) Always make sure you aren’t using a key assigned elsewhere.
  • 4) Make backups of the originals.
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