Cyberpunk 2077 – Use Logitech Ghub to Toggle ADS

Simple guide that will help you create a macro for toggle ADS in Cyberpunk 2077 because there is not a option in game.

You Must Have Ghub Installed

This is only for Logitech mice that are compatible with current Ghub software.

Click your device, click Assignments, click Macros.

Create New Macro, Name your Macro.

Macro type will be toggle.

Select record keystrokes.

For whatever reason it takes about thirty seconds before recording starts. Right Click, and when the input shows up click stop recording. If you have the right click release click on the release input and delete. Save macro a warning will pop up, click yes.

Drag your newly created macro on to your right mouse button.

Don’t forget to remove the macro when you are not playing. Or disabling it during fist fights. Also probably not ideal if you are a melee based character.

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