The Turing Test – DX12 Launch Fix Guide

Fix to play in DX12 without crashes at launch.

How to Fix DX12 Launch Issue

DX12 Fix

To fix DX12 mode for this game (it works only once, than if you re-launch the game it will crash every single time) do the following:

  1. Delete all *.ushaderprecache files from %LocalAppData%\VenusPrototype\Saved
  2. Launch the game for the first time in DX12 mode (it will run fine first time), and then quit
  3. Enter %LocalAppData%\VenusPrototype\Saved directory
  4. Protect D3DDriverByteCodeBlob.ushaderprecache as Read Only

Now the game will start in DX12 mode without issues on next launches.

If you change gfx card probably you’ll need to regenerate *.ushaderprecache files deleting old ones first…

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