Cyberpunk 2077 – Easy Eddies

Easy Eddies

Note: Credit goes to Grawpy

Disassembling drinks ($375,000 Per Hour)

To do this you’ll need at least the Mechanic perk in the Tech -> Crafting tree. It’s also recommended to have rank 3 Workshop so you sometimes receive extra parts when disassembling.

Head to Lizzie’s bar:

Talk to the bar tender and buy all the cans / coffee cups which cost $10. If you sort by price (ascending), all the ones you should buy will be on the first two rows:

Once you’ve bought them, end the conversation and bring up your Inventory to skip time, skip 24 hours then talk to the Bar Tender again and his stock will have refreshed.

The reason we go to this bar is because you don’t have to move at all after ending the conversation to skip time ahead 24 hours, which saves a lot of time in the long run.

Keep doing this until you’ve spent all your money or until you get bored.

Disassemble all of the cans and coffee cups you’ve bought and you’ll receive tons of common and uncommon item parts.

If you accidentally drink any of the items, there’s currently a bug that will prevent you from disassembling the rest of them. The only workaround I’ve found for this is to drink something else, the thing you then drink won’t be able to be disassembled instead and the other item will be. I’d recommend drinking one of the cups as you can only buy 5 of these at a time from the bartender.

Head to a drop point, closest one being here:

Sell 20k worth of the item parts then exit and skip time 24 hours.

The drop point money will reset and you’ll be able to sell up to 20k worth of item parts again.


Took me 17 minutes to spend 30k on cans and these disassembled into:

  • 18056 Common parts (Worth $90280)
  • 8334 Uncommon parts (Worth $66672)

So in 17 minutes I made $126,000, making the eddies per hour (including selling the parts) around $375,000.

I was pretty efficient in this test (spamming C to skip all dialogues, quickly buying the items), so if you’re just casually doing this, can probably expect $200,000-$300,000 per hour.

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