Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – How to Get Max Level on Service Medal

I will teach you some tips and tricks to get max level Service Medal in CS:GO.

The Start

First of all, before the year begins, you must have level 40 in order to have an advantage and save time to achieve the level you want to reach. then you can claim your Service medal the first days.

Keep in mind that you would need to get 196.000 xp to reach level 40 each time you want to change colors.

So I will teach you the best ways to get XP.

Best Gamemode to Grind XP without Hacks or Scripts

The XP you gain for playing CS:GO it may depend on your skills so keep in mind that this is just an approximation so let’s see the TOP game modes for XP/min of gameplay.

Game Mode – XP/Min

  • Arms Race – 10.2
  • Deathmatch – 7
  • Demolition – 6
  • Casual – 7.7
  • Competitive – 7.2
  • Wingman – 7.2

(In some game modes the xp partially relies on the skills of your mates like Wingman 2vs2 or Competitive5vs5).

Tip: They are no easy ways of grinding XP AFK But you could play competitive with 5 acct in the same server but that’s to sketchy and a waste of electricity for a worthless badge. That according to the terms and conditions of steam you cannot sell since the only way to sell it is by selling your account.

XP Boosts

Weekly Bonus

Weekly bonus this changes as you increase your total xp till you get to 11.200xp then it starts to reduce all your xp

Weekly Bonus

  • 3x for the first 3.500 xp
  • 1x for the remaining 1.500 xp

Reduced multiplier

  • 0.175x when you got 11.200 total xp

Operation XP Boost

This is one of the most important points and the one that it’s going to save you all a lot of time but its not free , each operation costs $15 for the first days then it usually goes down for a sale but for me its completely worth it because you get stuff that can usually worth more than what you pay.

You will get this boosters completing missions or challenges and they can insta boost you 1 level for each boost.

Tip: You can collect them throughout the years and save you some time.

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