Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Riptide Operation / Rescue a Hostage on Blacksite Map

A quick guide on how to rescue a hostage on the Danger Zone map: Blacksite (A needed task for the week 1 mission: Blood in the Water).

CS: GO Blacksite Hostage Locations

In order to finish the task, you need to queue for the dangerzone map: “Blacksite”. In this map the spawn locations of the hostages are fixed ,so as the first step, you need to pick one of thoes locations at the start ( or closer if taken) , the spawn locations are shown in the following image:

Picking Up the Hostage

Once you’ve found the hostage, you need to press E ,or whatever you are using as “use button” to pick up the hostage.

If you want to bind E you need to type the following in the console:

  • bind “e” “+use”

Finding Rescue Location

Now, you need to press tab, and you would be able to see the hostage rescue location ( marked as a green R).

Video Tutorial

If you prefer a demonstration, here’s a video tutorial:

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