Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – Season 5 Friend / 5.2 Coming Soon (Leaks)

Fall Guys Season 5.2 update is coming soon! Read the guide for some leaks.

New Main Menu UI

This is the new Main menu.

  • [Top Left]- Crown Rank and Banner with Name.
  • [Top, Centre] Icons- Home Screen, Customisation (Outfits, Theatrics and Banner), Fame Pass and Store.
  • [Top Right] Displays Crowns and Kudos you currently have.
  • [Top, Extreme Right] Settings Menu. You can change Audio Settings, Graphic and Server Settings, Change keyind, See your profile, View the ‘How to Play?’ guide, contact support, view credits or Quit the game.
  • [Top Extreme Right, Below Settings] Current FallFeed.
  • [Top Extreme Right, Below FallFeed] Daily Challenges
  • [Bottom, Extreme Left] Current Season Progress/ Fame Pass Level for the current season which also shows what reward you when you reach the next level and for how long will the current season last.
  • (Don’t expect that timer to be correct)
  • [Bottom, Centre] Your player standing on the podium
  • [Bottom, Next to Podium] Invite Players and Create a Party
  • [Bottom, Extreme Right} Play Button- puts you into a queue and finds a game.
  • [Bottom, Extreme Right, Above Play Button]- Show Selector- Select which show you want to play.

New Currency

This May Not Be Coming In Season 5.2 / 5.Friend

Currency Name: Primos

You will be able to buy them in real-world currency packs, Bag of Primos, Sack of Primos, Chest of Primos and Mountain of Primos.

Collection Events

Collectables will spawn in random spots in various rounds.

Don’t have a lot of info on this.


Probably Coming in Season 5.2/ 5.friend!

Tomb Raider Collab

One of the fictional characters in Tom Raider, Lara Croft will come soon to Fall Guys!

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