Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Active Drop Pool for CS:GO Cases

Active Drop Pool for CS:GO Cases

Case NameRelease DateRare or Active Drop
CSGO Weapon CaseAugust 14, 2013Confirmed Rare
eSports 2013 CaseAugust 14, 2013Confirmed Rare
Operation Bravo CaseSeptember 19, 2013Confirmed Rare
CSGO Weapon Case 2November 8, 2013Confirmed Rare
Winter Offensive Weapon CaseDecember 18, 2013Confirmed Rare
eSports 2013 Winter CaseDecember 18, 2013Confirmed Rare
CSGO Weapon Case 3February 12, 2014Confirmed Rare
Operation Phoenix Weapon CaseFebruary 20, 2014Confirmed Rare
Huntsman Weapon CaseMay 1, 2014Confirmed Rare
Operation Breakout Weapon CaseJuly 1, 2014Confirmed Rare
eSports 2014 Summer CaseJuly 10, 2014Confirmed Rare
Operation Vanguard Weapon CaseNovember 11, 2014Confirmed Rare
Chroma CaseJanuary 8, 2015Confirmed Rare
Chroma 2 CaseApril 15, 2015Confirmed Rare
Falchion CaseMay 26, 2015Confirmed Rare
Shadow CaseSeptember 17, 2015Confirmed Rare
Revolver CaseDecember 8, 2015Confirmed Rare
Operation Wildfire CaseFebruary 17, 2016Confirmed Rare
Chroma 3 CaseApril 20, 2016Confirmed Rare
Gamma CaseJune 15, 2016Confirmed Rare
Gamma 2 CaseAugust 18, 2016Confirmed Rare
Glove CaseNovember 28, 2016Confirmed Rare
Spectrum CaseMarch 15, 2017Confirmed Rare
Operation Hydra CaseMay 23, 2017Confirmed Rare
Spectrum 2September 14, 2017Confirmed Rare
Clutch CaseFebruary 15, 2018Active
Horizon CaseAugust 2, 2018Confirmed Rare
Danger Zone CaseDecember 6, 2018Active
Prisma CaseMarch 13, 2019Confirmed Rare
CS20 CaseOctober 18, 2019Confirmed Rare
Shattered Web CaseNovember 18, 2019Confirmed Rare
Prisma 2 CaseApril 1, 2020Active
Fracture CaseAugust 7, 2020Active
Operation Broken Fang CaseDecember 4, 2020Confirmed Rare
Snakebite CaseMay 3, 2021Active
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