No Man’s Sky – Bug for Endless Units, Nanits, Augmentation

No Man's Sky - Bug for Endless Units
No Man's Sky - Bug for Endless Units

Scraping image of ship by teleport. Version: 2.24/55356. 4.29 billion units and 100k nanits per 2 hours.

Endless Units, Nanits, Augmentation Bug


This is the bug. So you should use this information on your own risk. Such fast way to make ingame currencies could break your interest in gaming. So, author do not call on you to use it. Moreover, such actions could violate license agreement. Do not use it!

Preparation Stage

This section is unnecessary stage, but could make all process much more comforable.

Prepare your inventory

You need 19 empty inventory slots for each run (scraping), so that’s good to have about 80 free slots in main inventory and cargo to stack resources from scrapping. However, this is not absolutely necessary condition, because you could freely sell goods during this process (but price in regions for some type of goods could fall to -80%, so that’s much more effective to have plenty of free slots to sell goods in one-two times).

Prepare your ships to scrap it’s image

  1. In this process you are not scrapping your primary ship, but you are scrapping the image of this ship. So, you may use some ship with fully loaded inventory, but it is much more convinient to have plenty of free space, to store modules and full stack of resources from this process.
  2. The second aspect of this preparation is to decide which type of scrap resources do you like to gain in this process. See some examples below:

  • Just a lot of units: you need any Tier 3 S-class hauler to gain 88 million per run (you should sell scraping resources manually, so the base cost of this resources is 88 million). Note that game limit is 4.29 billion and then you should spend them (e.g. upgrade some ship) to gain more.
  • A lot of nanites / starship weapon modules: you need Tier 3 S-class fighter to obtain 5 modules per scrap (photon cannon, phase beam, positron ejector, infra-knife and shield module).
  • A lot of augumentation upgrades: some S class exotic and hauler ships could grant you 3 pcs. for each scrap.
  • Some special recources: componenets to make Stasis Device, Active Copper, Indium, Chromatic metal end so on.

To decide exactly just go to outfit station on any general space station and scrap different types of ships to determine which resources do you need.

Prepare your ships to upgrade

As a matter of fact, that resources and modules gaining in incredible speed, so you need to spend some money, modules and resources during this process. So, you need some ships to apply this things to. E.g.: you may maximize your hyperdrive range selecting 240+ modules and dismantle low range modules (so, you could waste 20-30 modules to gain 6 good – 3 in tech tab and 3 in main inventory = 2700+ range). You may buy additional slots in outfit station to spend surplus of unites.

Prepare portable save beacon

Main Stage

  1. Go to space station and create auto-save, using the cabin of your starship.
  2. Go to outfit station and scrap your starship.
  3. Load your auto-save and run to teleport.
  4. Use teleport to move in trade post (this place should be good enough to sell resources to NPCs, so you could sell them with some additional profit).
  5. Place your save beacon at this post for manual saving.
  6. Use teleport to move backward and then forward again 3-5 times.
  7. Use save beacon and sell goods whenever you want, but do not change teleport directions.
  8. You may fall in situation when each run would scrap ship, and manual saving disrupts this sequency (so do not save to frequent).

When the time passes the bug will occure. The Teleport menu becomes the menu of Outfit station.

And variants of answers you need is the 1st menu option (because affirmation to scrap is at 1st place in dialogue). So, moving forward and backward between to points (space staion and trade post) will scrap some starship (the copy of yours, so I decided to call it “the image”).

I’ve noticed that this thing occurs with some pre-defined frequency, and quantity of final modules could be the key (so, if 5 for fighter – you need to teleport 5 times befor this happens, if 3 for hauler – this would occur more frequently, but maybe I am wrong. I could repeat this 2nd time fast, after running game again, but 3d try with fighter was not so productive like previous with haulers)

Sometimes, there is another menu options play, or you could connect to some quest dialogues (and gain multitool modules, nanites and such things) or to blueprint analyser.


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