No Man’s Sky – Easy Nanite Guide (Interceptor Update)

Easy way to get unlimited nanite clusters in the new Interceptor update.

How to Get Nanite Easy (Interceptor Update)

Easy Nanite Cluster Farming Method

This is a guide I decided to make for people (like me) who don’t feel like making a platinum farm.

How to Start

Go to the galaxy map and find a dissonant system, introduced in the new Interceptor update

Once You Find a System…

Warp to this system and scan planets, once you find a planet that has “Corrupted Sentinels”, travel to this planet.

Once Landing on the Planet

Open your Analysis visor and scan for Radiant Shards, these shards give 1 radiant shard each. These crystals are what we will use to get our nanites.

What to Do with Radiant Crystals

Take radiant crystals and put them in any kind of refiner (ie, portable, medium, large, etc.).

1 crystal will yield 50 nanite clusters. If you take the time to run around a dissonant planet and gather a few, it’s an easy method to get a large amount of nanites without using other methods.

In Conclusion…

This game is a headache most days and everything is more complicated than college level math, however now that you have basically unlimited nanites, you can finally enjoy playing the game (probably not).

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