No Man’s Sky – How to Cash

No Man's Sky - How to Cash
No Man's Sky - How to Cash

How to Get Rich

  • Step 1 is extremely easy, get into any spacestation in any system, doesn’t matter the Economy or Race.
  • Step 2 sit in the Landing Bay and wait for incoming Spaceships.
  • Step 3 buy every single Technology Module from the Spaceships that you can get.
  • Step 4 sell every Technology Module that you get at the Local Spacestation Trading Post.
  • Step 5 repeat until the Value reached -77.8% or so (+- a few %).
  • Step 6 buy more Technology Modules from Spaceship at the Spacestation Landing Bay for around 10-11k each per Module.
  • Step 7 fly outside, warp your Freigther right infront of the Station and wait at the Freighter landing Bay for incoming Ships and sell the Modules to them for 5 times the price you bought them.

Repeat until you reached a billion or so in 1-2 Hours.

Reason why and how this works is, your Freigther isn’t bound to the Local Prices so ship at that Landing Bay still give you the normal Value.

Other Pros, you can get a S Ranked Ships all while doing this, if you see a nice one, just buy it.

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