Fabledom – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Fabledom be available?

Fabledom EA will be released in spring 2023

What platforms will Fabledom be on?

For now, Fabledom will only be available on PC. We plan to add support for more platforms later in development.

Who’s making the game?

Grenaa Games.

Will this game be available in a physical copy?

So far we’ve only planned to have a digital version, but we will notify you if this ever changes!

How long is the actual game?

As with most games in this genre the playtime will differ greatly for each player since there is no real ending, especially since we offer so much replayability with our procedural generation. But if you plan to follow the narrative only, you should get 10-30 hours of playtime (in the full release) depending on how many rulers you plan to court.

How long is Early Access?

Approximately one year

Will multiplayer be available?

Most likely not, we are a small team of just 2, so adding multiplayer would take us years. But we also never say never, it depends on how well the game performs.

Is there any update planned?

We plan to update the game every 1-2 months during EA with plenty of new content in each update. The initial Early access versions main goal is to be a stable foundation that we can build on with the help of the community.

My game isn’t working properly. What should I do?

Please report bugs using the in-game feedback tool, this will give us access to your save-file and specs.

I’m having performance/optimization issues. What should I do?

Please report performance issues using the in-game feedback tool, this will give us access to your save-file and specs. Through Early access we will be continuously improving performance.

Do I have to battle (combat) in the game?

Absolutely not! Our game will not force players to battle, you can play it in relaxed mode if that is your wish.

Will there be an ending or end-goal to the game?

There is a narrative with an end-goal, but as with most games in this genre the opportunities are endless and the game continues after the narrative ends.

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