No Man’s Sky – Chromatic Metal Farming

No Man's Sky - Chromatic Metal Farming
No Man's Sky - Chromatic Metal Farming

A small guide to optimize the farming of some basic minerals to craft Metalic Chrome with the autonomous mining unit.

Chromatic Metal Farming

The grind to get this key asset, one of the most important materials in the game is monstrous, we must find metalic deposits (i.e: copper), the deposit won’t respawn … and they stay forever in our scanner even depleted (this should be changed), I can’t count how many times I traveled to a dry ore. Not cool.

So I thought about the issue and found a nice system to save time and resources.

The autonomous mining unit:

It’s built with some basic materials and 100 Uranium, look for a good deposit around your base, you can place five units, place a beacon, they harvest at slow speed but they won’t deplete the deposit, go to do other things and come back periodically to harvest your hard earned copper (or other materials), replenish the unit with carbon (chose one with a good supply of plants around), 1250 in each farming run.

No Man's Sky - Chromatic Metal Farming

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