No Man’s Sky – Infinite Money Glitch

Become Elon Musk in No Mans Sky.

Step #1

Fully Upgrade Your Starship Cargo!

You have to fully upgrade your starship cargo. Start with little steps, at the middle every upgrade cost 300.000.000 units and fill it with wiring loom.

Step #2

Dont sell it on Galactic Trade Terminals, because it loses value with every sale.

Step #3

Go to a trader pilot on the space station and sell all of the wiring looms.

It only works if the wiring looms are in the spaceships cargo.

Every Click makes more than 22 Mio units, per minute 660.000.000 so less than 7 minutes youre on maximum credit, great deal.

Btw, the count stops by 4.294.967.295 units and i think its a nerd number of the programmers by Hello games. It could be the maximum value for a 32-bit unsigned integer in computing. Or the perfect totient number.

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