No Man’s Sky – Growing Plants Tips

Tips for Growing Plants

Note: Credit goes to Mr. Bufferlow

If you are just growing for the tutorial NPC, harvest twice as much from the wild as you need before planting. Once you plant, the NPC will accept the “harvested” plant in your inventory so you don’t have to wait for the planted one to mature.

Not sure they will ever change the way growing times work. The point of the variation is to make you have to think through the process if you want to craft high end parts with the results.

The game has a cap of $4B+ on credits, so you don’t need to go crazy growing stuff. About 4 grow domes is plenty if you have the right quantities of each type you need for crafting high end products. The tough part is learning how to source the other items required to make high end items. At $15 M each, crafting a handful every 24 hours is plenty.

You can harvest from another player’s base grow domes. I did that a couple of times when I needed frost plant for glass in a base I was building at the galactic hub. AFAIK, it does not impact their harvest at all. You are just harvesting your instance of their crops.

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