No Man’s Sky – How to Make Money (Units)

No Man's Sky - How to Make Money (Units)
No Man's Sky - How to Make Money (Units)

If you are here it means that you are like me and hates grinding hours to make a decent farm. But fortunatly i have a way that you can actively make those units without getting bored. And without further ado, Im going to walk you though how to make those units!

Things You Should Have

These tech items make it alot easier to find and make units.

  • All 3 warp reactors (Makes travelling to systems easier)
  • A Economy scanner (Required to easily find “money” systems)
  • Obviously A Functioning starship (More slots = better)
  • And at least 500000 units so you can get plenty of items.

What You are Looking For

You are looking for a system that is preferably a medium wealth system but can be any system. Now you look for a system with Sell/Buy percentages like this.


  • Sell: 74.5+
  • Buy: -25.0

Now go ahead and buy your items.


Pay attention to what your items are. If you have Bromide salt ( Aquired from mining economies), you would want to look for a good system using what i said above. But now you are looking for an icon that has a Gear (manufacturing) icon because that means that system is buying your particular items for a increased price from when you bought them. And thats a good thing.

The Fun Begins…

Now that you have a system that you can sell the items for a lot. You can warp to the system (make sure you have a terminus back to the station where you got the items from!)

So you need to land in the station that buys your items. Then sell them, Terminus back to where you got the items from, Buy more, Sell more And repeat!

And when you run out of items to sell. Buy the current systems items and sell it to another system that needs them.

Almost Forgot!

Refer to this when you travel through systems so you know where to go!

Also keep in mind that these particular economies come in different names. But just look for the icon Located in parentheses.

Manufacturing (Gears) -> High tech (Computer chip) -> Power generation (Battery) -> Mining (Pickaxe) -> Manufacturing (Gears)

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