Vampire Survivors – Concetta Character Overview

An overview of Concetta with some observations and tips to help play her.

Guide to Concetta

The Stats

Concetta, the other red head bard of the VS characters, shares the same stat bonuses with the other coffin characters. A 20% bonus to Move Speed and a growing 1% per level bonus, to Area. she has a little bit of a twist to it, as Concetta also gets 10% to Curse as well. this makes Concetta the flip side of the coin compared to Poppea. where Poppea prefers opera halls and more confined areas for her vocal performances with long, beautiful arias, Concetta goes the heavy metal route. she has every intention of knocking you out of your seat, while you’re in row fifty, and making you bleed from the ears with her relentless speed vocals and blazing finger work across the bridge of her guitar. her extra 10% Curse just insuring she has a audience she can let loose on.

The Weapon

Concetta’s weapon is the Shadow Pinion, and it’s one of the more interesting weapons in VS. while Concetta runs around, Shadow Pinion will leave drills behind her. these do base damage as enemies move over them. so running around and gathering up a crowd is viable for her. But here’s where Concetta tosses a twist at people again. when Concetta stops moving, the drills fire forward. And do extra damage depending on how long Concetta “charged them”, AKA kept moving. anywhere from a second to 2.5 seconds will make the drills hit harder when Concetta stops and they fire in the direction she’s facing, doing anywhere from double to 3.5 times the base damage. Which isn’t bad cause at even level one, Shadow Pinion can do 30+ damage if you have kept moving for 2 1/2-3 seconds.

The “charging” becomes really impressive when you’ve leveled Shadow Pinion up fully to level 8. when fully leveled up, Shadow Pinion is doing 25 base damage, last for 1.75 seconds if you don’t fire them off, and fires off a extra drill. When used to fire drills forward, Shadow Pinion can be as fast or hard hitting as you would like. You can stutter step and fire it off at normal base damage to open paths through groups of enemies if things get a little hectic or run around some and let loose with the drills for the extra damage.

Evolving the Shadow Pinion, with Wings, turns it into the Valkyrie Turner. as a weapon, it overall gets better, as Base Damage, Projectile Speed, Area, and Duration are improved by the drills now being on fire. Though it does lose one from Amount. which does suck. but those “charged” drills are hitting insanely hard now as Valkyrie Turner joins the 100 Damage Club on a full charge. And the lost Amount is easy enough to deal with if you maxed out the Amount power-up.

Why and Why Not (Pros and Cons)

Why Concetta?

Her Area. leveling Concetta up just gives her more and more Area for her to show Metal isn’t just heavy, it’s big and will get bigger. This pretty much begs for you to pick up Area Of Effect weapons like Santa Water and Fire Wand as well as the drills from Shadow Pinion to be like a wall of piercing death when she charges them up and lets loose with them.

Why Not Concetta?

Biggest problem with Concetta is she takes what you know about doing runs and dumps it on its’ head. Doing a run consists of RUNNING. she can do that. But you’re wasting the greatest strength of Shadow Pinion, the extra damage it does when Concetta stops to let them fire off. This leads to Concetta having a nice “trap” style of play as she can run around, gather up enemies, then fire the drills into the following group. which is fun, but sometimes not as good a idea when you got a boss with Knockback immunity hot on her tail. and even when evolved, Valkyrie Turner isn’t doing everything it can do as it gets a lot better with the Arcana Heart of Fire. If you’re not running Arcanas, a ton of damage is lost from Valkyrie Turners’ potential.

How to Get

Concetta is a coffin character. So you have to find her coffin. It’s in the Gallo Tower. It’s also very easy to miss. If you have the Milky Way Map, just go to the green marker. Look for a mirror on the left side of the tower. search the mirror out till you go into a small room with a coffin and you found her.

After finding Concetta, you can add her to your roster of characters for 1000 gold before scaling.

Tips and Builds

Given Concetta’s use of the Shadow Pinion and her growing Area, choose weapons that allow her to best use the Shadow Pinion. Weapons like Santa Water and Cherry Bomb give Concetta room to work to best utilize the Shadow Pinion’s charging for the extra damage it brings. And with Wings being Shadow Pinion’s evolving factor, Santa Water will provide even more coverage as it come on faster, especially when you evolve Santa Water to La Borra.

Taking a ride on Heavy Metal build

  • Weapons: Axe, Bracelet, Cross, Eskizzibur (requires Tides of the Foscari expansion, if not unlocked sub in Carrello), Knife
  • Passives: Armor, Bracer, Candelabrador, Endless Tome, Spiniach, Wings
  • Arcanas: Iron Blue Will, Slash, Waltz Of Pearls

Taking a Ride is Concetta’s version of the Bounce build, just with mostly the metal weapons. Slash should be the first Arcana gained so Concetta is taking advantage of all those weapons and it helps Shadow Pinion/Valkyrie Turner really churn out some damage during the run. Her Area gain will ensure where ever Concetta goes, she’ll have Heavy Metal bouncing around her as she picks up the other two Arcanas. Allowing Concetta to fire off fully charged Pinions/Turners will let you better get around as her Area will make the weapons grow till they start to obscure vision, but should be crushing anything trying to get close to her as well

Sold Out Concert build

  • Weapons: Celestial Dusting, Fire Wand, Pentagram, Rune Chaser, Santa Water
  • Passives: Armor, Attractorb, Crown, Endless Tome, Spinach, Wings
  • Arcanas: Boogaloo Of Illusions, Heart of Fire, Waltz of Pearls

This build is concert themed, complete with pyrotechnics (Fire Wand and Shadow Pinion after evolving it) light show (Pentagram and Rune Chaser) a nice big stage (Santa Water) with some flowers for ballads (Celestial Dusting). Concetta can just find a nice spot and let the enemies come to her as Santa Water/LaBorra provide her a nice big area while bouncing fireballs and lasers, Gorgeous Moon nuking the area, doubling up with Shadow Pinion and Celestial Dusting as well as some decent self healing and the extra damage from Shadow Pinion/Valkyrie Turner. You shouldn’t have to run around too much for leveling and Wings will let Concetta stay ahead of enemies and La Borra moving along with her easily as long as you don’t get too far ahead of her ‘stage’.

In Conclusion

Being the hard rocker concetta is, she’s not for everyone. Her playing style is one of the more unusual ones due to shadow pinion. But the damage she can crank out makes her one of the heavier hitters as long as you get used to her weapon quirks. But if you do take the time with her, concetta is a blast to run as she builds up shadow pinion’s extra damage and lets loose with the best of them. So get out the eye liner and leather, toss up the devil’s horns, and crank the volume. Concetta’s waiting for you to show up so don’t disappoint.

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