Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling – How to Get a Lot of Berries (Late Game)

This guide is for getting a bunch of berries in Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling.

Guide to Get a Lot of Berries


You can only use this method of berries after doing other stuff first, and the earliest you can do it is mid Chapter 6.

  1. Complete the quest “Best Friend in the Fog!”, which can only be accepted after obtaining the submarine.
  2. Obtain access to the Far Grasslands Ant Mine exit.

Ironically, you will need a few berries before doing this, but only 19 at most, which you can get from a few enemy encounters around the overworld.

To start, go the the Far Grasslands Ant Mine exit, and go directly south into the next room. In that next room, go south again, where you will encounter a log that you will need Kabbu’s “Beetle Dig” ability to get under. Go under that log and continue going south into another room. In that room, you will see a big tower, blocked by some thorns you can easily get over with Leif’s “Shield” ability. Now, the next part depends on if you have ever been here or not.

If you have not been here, you will need to go down a hole that is hidden by some bushes you’ll need to cut down. After going through a bit of dialogue, exit the room via the only door in the room, and ascend the spiraling stairway and into the witch’s room (There is also a bad book here for Reeves’ quest if you’re interested).

If you have been here, go through the front door and ascend the staircase and into the witch’s room.

Immediately after entering the witch’s room, you will see a capsule machine. Buy as many Longleg Summoners as possible, and use your Ant Compass to return to the Ant Mines. Then use go through the Forsaken Lands tunnel, and go into the Termite Kingdom.

Assuming you’ve completed the “Best Friend in the Fog!” quest, talk to Rose to fast travel to the area where Nero was found. In that room, go west until you reach a hole in the wall. Interact with it and place your newly bought Longleg Summoner. You will get more berries than you spent, making profit, and if it’s your first time placing an item there, you will get a crystal berry. You can use those berries to buy another Longleg Summoner or two, and repeat this process until you have as many berries as your heart desires.

With this in mind, you should never be short on berries ever again!

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