Scram: Remastered – Beginners Guide

The Definitive guide to how to play Scram and how to have fun whilst playing it.

Home Screen

The home screen surprisingly has a lot to do. You can customize your character’s model with little doohickeys and gizmos. You can also go to settings leave the game, and play which will show you a list of the game-modes that are available and how many people are actively playing.

You can chose by game-mode or just click random to hop into any active game.

How to Win on Evacuation

Evacuation isn’t the hardest game-mode, that really depends. But the premise of Evacuation is you & your team of survivors start in either a town, bandwagon?, farm, or hospital. The goal for the human survivors to find the radio and call in a rescue helicopter to get them. While the humans have that goal to complete there is a group of zombies which there goal is to kill the humans at all costs.

In the Pre-game human and zombie players will be told which they’ll be and can purchase guns / special infected from the booth in the hub.

The humans can buy an assortment of stuff ranging from AR’s to RPG’s. There’s also secondary and tertiary slots for other weapons or consumables to keep you in the fight. One of the secondaries is really different from the others, the hammer lets you build up boards which keeps out infected.For the price of 200 Scrollars it’s most definitely worth it. for tertiary weapons you got two, peanut jar and PINEAPPLE. The peanut jar isn’t a weapon at all, instead it’s a consumable to heal your health up, instead of a long wait time like the peanut bag it has a quick eating animation (if even one at all) and gives you 100 health, allthough this is good it isn’t forever because it slowly dwindles down, its temporary.

The second tertiary weapon is the PINEAPPLE, the most bs weapon in all of Scram. Its a yellow grenade you can throw onto the ground blowing up anything around it, basic simple, what’s so good about it you ask? ITS RANGE IS ENORMOUS!!! It can hit literally anything it’s way too good, one-shotting a zombie for 100 Scrollars is ridiculous (also here’s a tip you didn’t hear from me, if you click g on the grenade you can drop it and it makes the same sound a deploying, do this to scare away zombies).

The final category is armor, There’s 2 types, The scratical vest and the fat armor, the vest give you extra hit-points, I00-150 pretty sure. The fat armor gives you 100-200 hit-points but with one major drawback, you are slower. Making it harder to escape zombies.

For the zombie team you can chose between zombies who can go invisible, are really fast, or just straight up insta kill you (crusader).

To win on Evacuation as a survivor, you’ll need to have a good gun and some sort of secondary, like the hammer to make a fortified base, and find the radio. Wait for the helicopter to fly down and get inside, hold your ground with the helicopters Machine gun and wait for the helicopter to fly away.

If your on zombie team, try to bum rush the survivors and get some chip damage in to slowly kill them.

Remember that Scram maps are more fair the more people are in them, it’s borderline impossible for a single zombie to kill 2 people.

How to Win on Extermination

In Extermination you’ll either play as a Exterminator or a peasant. As the Exterminator you’ll spawn in a room full of guns which you’ll wait in for around 30 seconds so the peasants can hide, when the door opens your challenge is to find and kill everyone, but be careful they might try to run to your gun room and kill you with your toys.

As the peasant, you’ll have 30 seconds to hide in the map until the Exterminator comes. When he does you can either kill him to end the game and win or hide and not get caught the whole game.

How to Win on Elimination

You don’t. Like literally you Don’t. Elimination is a Free-for-all where guns spawn around the map randomly but that’s it. Can’t really win because it never ends.

How to Win on War

You can’t, just like Elimination. Its just a Free-for-all except there’s two teams instead of everyone for themselves. You can choose your guns in the house you spawn in and that’s the game. Have fun 🙂

How to Win on The last Stand

The last Stand is just like Evacuation. But with a Tank.

To win as the Survivors you can go inside the tank and board up the hatches over and over since there’s a ammo box in the tank, making it a invincible force. It’s really broken.

To win as the Zombies, if the Survivors take the Tank strat, you’ll need to brute force your way in or if they didn’t board the windows you can get a gun zombie and shoot them to death. If they’re doing the Tank strat you can also suicide bomb to do dmg to them inside.

How to Win on Demon

In the Demon game-mode you’ll either play as demon or survivors. As the Survivor you’ll have time to set up around the dark version of PukeTown which will let you hide or grab weapons if you haven’t gotten any. You can close doors to slow down the Demon in its attempts to kill you. If you’re the survivor your goal is to kill the demon or hide long enough, if you decide on killing him try to take turns with teammates on him so he slowly whittles your teams health down while taking tons of damage. The ‘A Saw’ is a very good weapon against him.

As the Demon You’ll have to wait around 30 seconds before the match to let the Survivors set up, after that you’re free to attack, you can run around and kill anyone you want. The goal of the Demon is to kill all of the Survivors without dying or running out of time. The Demon has over 1000 health, it changes based on the number of players present. The Demon has long range so you can hit them from far, but be careful, lots of health can still windle down quickly.

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