Vampire Survivors – Sketamari Easy Kill

How to Kill the Sketamari

Haven’t seen a easy guide on killing the bone ball; attempting to build a character in order to kill it through use of AoE abilities makes the fight last a hell of a lot longer, so i used Leda.

Recorded a quick video, but if you don’t care for watching it, here’s a quick sum up:

  1. Use Leda, with a single weapon; eggs don’t matter.
  2. Grab a couple of levels while descending towards him; anything that boosts projectiles/walking speed is good.
  3. Find him through the use of the map, and position your character slightly below him, following him as he moves.
  4. Cash out, bro down.

Took basically two and a half minutes.

Updated Video Guide:

FAQ + Tips

Where to find Sketamari?

You need to have the yellow sign relic before it appears. Complete Moongolow with endless disabled to reach Holy Forbidden which have the Yellow Sign.

An alternative way to defeat the Sketamari

My 1.0 strat was using leda. Arcana X as starter. Get magic wand, whip, knife, bible and Lighting ring. Must items are book (dish out dakka all the time), spinach (for obvious reasons), duplicator(more dakka), spellbinder(evolve the god tier bible), wings(leda slow af) and maybe orb for bigger pickup range(faster lvl up). My main damage dealers for the skellyball was knifes, whip and bible. Because you can control where to aim with them. Magic/holy wand and lightning kinda ignores the ball most of the time but are good at crowd control. Start of the game get couple lvls at the starting location. If you have good RNG you should have gotten wings, spinach and magic wand. If not, pick any other item or weapon from my list and rush towards skellyball. Try to pick many exp gems on your way to it. Do not stop. Just keep on going. At the skellyball. Tail it and hit it with whip, knifes and bible. Keep that dps high as possible. If you play it right you can kill it under 10mins (I had curse 3 from power up menu). It can die faster without the curse I think. 

More tips for Sketamari

The Skeleton Katamari will not start growing until you’ve seen it on screen. Avoid going down. Make your build. It might be a good idea to make Infinite Corridor, too. Do NOT use Endless mode; this boss benefits from both the cycle scaling and the Bone Zone’s natural scaling.

Make sure you’re past the ten-minute wave before you start the fight; it will swallow the wave and get huge if you do not. If all else fails, pair Infinite Corridor and Crimson Shroud; as long as you’re on screen with the ball it will swallow reapers and you won’t trigger White Hand.

Definitely seems to have gotten harder to beat with the update.

Characters who easily can defeat the Sketamari?

Most people go with Leda for her Tankiness and her evolved Magic Wand starting weapon.

Best arcana for Co-op

Some good news for co-op fans, Arcanas apply to both players. This much we had already figured out. But in actually testing some we got, some got vastly more powerful.

  • X – The Beginning – This gives EVERYONE’s starting weapons +3 amount. Even with more players having less weapons and items, this greatly counteracts any disadvantage more players bring. Huge to start the game with.
  • XX – Silent Old Sanctuary – In two players, without even choosing less weapons, this is a +40% Might Bonus, -16% Cooldown and +3 Reroll/Skip/Banish. Three players, +60% Might and -24% Cooldown. Four players, +80% Might and -32% Cooldown. Great as a 2nd or 3rd Arcana.
  • Combine the above 2 together with the Power Ups and you’ll have +4 amount to your starting weapon and +75% Might minimum.
  • XVIII – Boogaloo of Illusions – Everyone gets crazy Area over time.
  • XIX – Heart of Fire – Everyone can retaliate with explosions.

Other stand outs should be Awake, Disco of Gold, Sarabande of Healing and Wicked Season.

But yeah, after trying a round with both Beginning and Silent Old Sanctuary, they might be the best Arcanas for Co-op.

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