Valheim – Tips for Traversing the Mistlands

Mistlands Traversing Tips

What I did that seemed to work is skirt around the edge of Mistlands looking for areas that are somewhat flat, then head in a short distance looking for anything interesting, in particular any new farmable food ingredients.

Once I had my small farm on the border going, the new food(s) made a huge difference in how comfortable I was venturing further in, as well as providing enough stamina to scale some of the worse areas.

Even with the new foods, I continued to punch in from flatter areas (whether found by land or sea) until I crafted the feather cape, which admittedly took some time due to all the different materials required. However, it really changed how I approached the area, as any elevated area suddenly grants extra mobility (once you’re up there) and you don’t need to worry about falling damage.

I try to keep my stamina above 50% at all times except scaling steep cliffs, and then I let it regen to full whenever I find a spot I can stand. I also always keep a stamina potion on hand for when I really need to jump up a cliff in a hurry, and that has saved my life a few times.

Also, while not specifically navigation-related, I always go in with the Rested buff, during the day time, Bonemass power available for emergencies, and try not to overstay my welcome.

Bonus tips

Find the ‘black areas’ on the big map that are ‘Mistlands’ terrain, the fog is not in those areas, just the purplish ones.

I’ve found that not the entire Mistlands biome land areas are completely covered with ‘mist’. Like when entering a new biome, just poke the edges, collect available resources and learn how to combat the new enemies. I, too, use the jaggs and heights/crags to hide in to fight the enemies below….it is a rough biome, indeed, but not more so than when entering the Plains for the first few times…that, at the time, I considered–extremely rough, once new gear is crafted, it’s CreamPuff City now.

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