Lil Gator Game – Complete Achievement Guide

This ultimate guide is about all achievements in the Lil Gator Game.

How to Get All Achievements


Quest Achievements


  • There will be a character in a mountain area that looks like a bear that will ask you to do a flip. Equip the Skate as shield and do a flip near him by pressing Spacebar, and then RMB.
  • There will be another character, near the coast, that will ask you do walk in the water as fast as you can; to do so you need to equip the Red Floater (I don’t remember the exact name right now and I’ve unistalled the game, sorry!) and slide in the water by pressing RMB and Spacebar as soon as you touch the water.

The “Acquire all bracelets, and gain enlightenment.” achievement imho is the most important achievement in the game, as within every new bracelet you’ll get more stamina, which means you can climb higher. After finding all 4 bracelets, there will be no stamina limit, what allows you to climb pretty much anywhere. The bracelets costs 100, 500, 500 and 500, respectively; so destroy as many paper structures as you can in your way to them.

You’ll start the game in a small island, and will have to complete everything in there to be able to move to a bigger one. Complete the quests and talk to everyone while destroying every paper enemy/item; and whenever a character asks for trash in exchange of an item, do not hesitate to pay! Do the races last, as you will need the shield to slide faster. Also, near the hightest spot of the island you will find the monkey who sells the bracelets for the first time [All bracelets: 1/4].

Change Of Plans

  • Undertake a new, bigger quest.

Now in the biggest island, head to the antenna as there you will find the playground that you can use as a reference point. From the playground, head to the mountains behind it and you’ll find Avery. They will give you 3 quests that you must complete to get new items in your inventory as well as story progression. In the same mountain, above the amphitheater, you’ll find the monkey for the second time [All bracelets: 2/4].

Lunch By Compromise

  • Completed Avery’s Quest

From the mountain, aiming to the antenna, go to northeast area and you can find Jill in a treehouse. They’ll give you 3 new quests related to the other characters you’ll find there. Make sure to climb at the top of the treehouse to find the monkey for the third time [All bracelets: 3/4].

Enrichment Through Invention

  • Completed Jill’s Quest

From the treehouse, go back to the antenna and then head to the windmill, there you’ll find Martin with another 3 quests for you to complete. Also, climb at the top of the windmill to find the monkey for the fourth time [All bracelets: 4/4].

Infinite power!!!

  • Acquire all bracelets, and gain enlightenment.

Growing With Water

  • Completed Martin’s Quest

After completing the quests for the characters above, go to the playground and buy as many upgrades you can (each costs 5, 10, 10 and 10 friendships respectively, if I remember well), then go explore the map making new friends to be able to buy the remaining upgrades. As soon as you can complete the game, DO IT! As by doing so, you will get items that show the locations of missing friends and things to be destroyed.

Lesson Learned

  • Complete the story.

While in the playground, be sure to talk to the monkey who sold the bracelets to you as many times as needed to get the following achievements.

Name Reveal!

  • Learn the monkey’s name.

Actual Name Reveal!

  • Learn the monkey’s real name.

This Is The Real Name

  • Instruct the monkey on the power of creativity.

Believe Me, This Is The Real Name

  • Learn the monkey’s true name.

Embrace The Unknown

  • You will never know the truth.

As I said before, after completing the game, you’ll acquire 2 new items that will make everything much easier. Equip them and use with Q and E to get help finding missing friends and things to break.

Hero of the People

  • Make friends with everyone on the island.


  • Break everything on the island.

Miscellanous Achievements

From the playground, follow the path to the south of the map, by crossing the river you’ll find the Junk Shop. After buying everything from the Junk guy, you can take a seat on his place.

Under New Management

  • Take a seat in the Junk Shop.

Go to the antenna and simple climb to the top of it with either Balloon or Buble Gum equiped, and the Ragdoll. At the top of the antenna, use the Balloon or Bubble Gum, wait for the “Ascend” achievement to pop, and then use the Ragdoll.

Interrupt This Broadcast

  • Climb to the tippy top of the antenna.


  • Try to touch the sky.


  • Ragdoll into something as fast as you can.

Go to the nearest mountain with the Sticky Hand equipped, while climbing the mountain, quickly use the Sticky Hand 5 times.


  • Swing with the Sticky Hand 5 times without touching the ground.

Craft all items in your inventory. To do that, press TAB in your keyboard, click on an item and craft it by paying the price. There are 48 in total, 12 of each type.

Demon of DIY

  • Craft every item.

Equip the items below to get the following achievement.

Space Set:

  • Head: Space Dome.
  • Sword: Laser Sword.
  • Shield: Trash Can Lid.
  • Additional: Space Blaster.

Lizard In Space

  • Equip the full space set.

Equip the items below to get the following achievement.

Paint Set:

  • Head: Artsy Beret.
  • Sword: Paintbrush.
  • Shield: Art Palette.
  • Additional: Paint Blaster.


  • Equip the full paint set.

Equip the items below to get the following achievement.

Ninja Set:

  • Head: Ninja Headband.
  • Sword: Nunchaku.
  • Shield: Trampoline.
    = Additional: Shuriken.

Hidden Scale Clan

  • Equip the full ninja set.
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