Arcadie: Second-Born – Romance Quick Guide

A quick guide for the different romance paths. Contains unmarked spoilers; avoid reading if you haven’t finished at least one playthrough.

Guide to Romance


This guide contains unmarked spoilers. Strongly recommended not to read through unless you’ve finished the game at least once.

General Tips

There are in total four romance options (RO): two “main” RO, and two “minor” ones.

  • Main RO: Cyril.
  • Main RO: Wilfred/Willeen.
  • Minor RO: Nathaniel.
  • Secret RO: Stanislas.
  • ‘Main’ RO are introduced early in the story, and their romance is intertwined with the plot.
  • If you try romancing both ‘main’ RO in the same playthrough, you’ll eventually be forced into a choice.
  • You cannot romance a ‘main’ RO and a ‘minor’/’secret’ RO at the same time.

You do not need to select all the flirt options available. Select only those that make sense for your character.


Cyril has two romance routes: “direct”, and slowburn.

“Direct” version:

  • Affection stat should be minimum 60%. Do not insult or be rude to them.
  • The MC should behave in a way where their attraction is obvious enough for Cyril to notice (being either shy or blatant is fine).
  • Accept their dinner invitation, and sleep with them. Spend the night there.
  • In the morning, select the “I want more than sex” option.

Slowburn version:

  • Do not flirt with them at all. Affection stat still needs to be 60% minimum.
  • Accept their dinner invitation. At the end of dinner, select the “Something—I’m not entirely
    sure what—anchors me in place” option, then “I feel at ease, in your company,” and “Spending more time together. The prospect is… alluring,” or “I do feel at ease in his/her company, but I’m not about to admit it out loud.”
  • Alternatively, you can go the direct route, but stop at a kiss.

To keep the romance going, be sure to select Cyril at every opportunity.

The MC can confess their love early if they sleep with Cyril a 2nd time, after the assassination attempt.

Defend them against your pursuers after the battle at the castle.

When prompted by Cyril about whether you’d like your relationship to continue, choose to continue. At this point, the “direct” and “slowburn” routes merge.

Keep their approval of the MC high by avoiding suggesting that their interests align more with their family than with the throne. Do not kill Stanislas’s family. Do not order Gardiella’s execution. Avoid using Aether before the Noble Assembly. Do not push for war against Arington.

Regarding Anafel’s proposal:

  • You can refuse it outright. Having a high Politics score and having asked about their weapons will allow you to gain their support without marrying Anafel.
  • You can also accept it, in which case you will get a scene where Cyril says that they cannot stay in a relationship with you. You can rescind your acceptance of Anafel’s proposal and continue the romance with Cyril.

At this point, if you have too low of an approval score with Cyril (because of violent tendencies, warmongering attitude, questioning his/her allegiance), Cyril will break up with the MC.

If all goes well, Cyril will propose in the following chapter. Accepting his/her proposal guarantees that they will not turn against you during the noble vote.


  • Will has a hidden “Influence” stat.
  • You need a minimum of 5 influence points to successfully romance them.
  • The MC has to show them that they believe there is more to life than battle, and that they want to be with them despite it all.

Dialog choices that give influence points:

  • When patrolling the fort: “That’s a rather grim point of view” or “Death will come for all of us. That’s no reason to not live life to the fullest.”
  • After the assassination attempt: “Still, things haven’t been easy on you, either. I’m here, if you need to talk,” or “So. Are you alright?”
  • Before the battle: “There is no need to be so grim. There is more to life than duty,” or “That’s not all you are.”
  • After the battle: Defend them against your pursuers.
  • After visiting Nathaniel: “I hope you’ll be there for the good times, as well,” or “That counts for you as well. I’m here if you need me.”
  • After the kiss: Either option that doesn’t end the romance.
  • After meeting Stan’s family (do NOT kill them): “Just because I am the king/queen shouldn’t mean that you have to keep me at arm’s length.”
  • When meeting Anafel, if on the right track: “There is someone else I intend to marry.”

Killing Stan’s family immediately ends Will’s romance.

If their affection stat drops below 60 before the ball, the romance will end as well.

If Will doesn’t ask the MC to dance, it means you didn’t have enough influence points.

Accepting to marry Anafel does not end Will’s romance (they do comment on it, however).

Love Triangle

You can trigger a temporary “love triangle” by pursuing both Cyril and Will and the same time.

Easiest way to achieve it:

  • Be friendly to both. Flirt with both (either implicitly or explicitly).
  • Sleep with Cyril, tell them you want more than sex. This one is critical; Cyril will not care what the MC does if the MC says they’re just in it for fun.
  • After sleeping with Cyril, choose Will every time you can only pick one of them.
  • The love triangle scene happens after the first meeting with the Noble Assembly.


In general, avoid being agressive/rude towards him. Do not trigger a romance with Cyril or Will.

When meeting him alone, do not select the “Guards!” option.

Select the “It stands to get even luckier…” option, and/or, when he gets closer, select the option to be “strangely captivated” or “red-faced, uncomfortably warmer.”

Talk with him as much as possible.

When he tries kissing the MC, let it happen. Afterwards, do not tell him to never do it again, and do not threaten him.

Accept his offer to give him your blood. Choose to stay and to kiss him. This is the point where he would reject the MC if in a romance with Cyril or Will.

Accept to inject the blood back into MC’s veins. Upon waking up, go looking for him.

The epilogue will have a short, extra scene.


Triggering Stanislas’s route has several prerequisites.

Failing to fulfill any of them will mean his route will not trigger.

  • Pacifist score should be at least 60%.
    Do not be afraid to clash with Ariana if needed.
    The MC has to be against war, and for a peaceful resolution.
  • You need to be very forgiving towards Stanislas throughout.
    Whenever there is an option to speak in Stan’s favor, you should select it.
  • You do not need to flirt with him upon first meeting him, but it is best to pick the option that reads, “Our Kingdom would benefit from brokering more peace treaties.”
  • Do not trigger a romance with either Cyril or Will.
    Triggering Nathaniel’s romance is fine, however.
  • When you get the option to send a message to Stanislas, pick the following choices:
    • “I’d like to send him a message.”
    • “An invitation to a meeting, on neutral grounds.”
    • “I don’t want to kill him. Perhaps we can resolve our differences without a war.”
  • After speaking with them, release his family.
  • At the ball, talk and interact with everyone available, until the option to step outside appears: “I could use some fresh air; I step outside a moment.”

Stanislas’s route is straightforward afterwards. Only continue reading if you don’t mind massive spoilers.

  • On the balcony, when the “Maybe I am insane” option appears, immediately select it.
    Touching his scar allows you to then kiss him.

You won’t see him again until the final battle. His dialog will be different, but he will still do his best to kill the MC.

After defeating him, wake him up. Tell him you’re not planning to kill him.

In the epilogue, select the “What would you have me do with you?” option, then: “Executing him would be a waste. I will put him to work.”

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