Arcadie: Second-Born – Endings Quick Guide

Quick guide to the different endings. Contains unmarked spoilers. Please finish the game at least once before reading through this guide.

Guide to Endings

MC Dies

The main character can die in the final confrontation.

  • Refuse to train with Nathaniel.
  • During the Palace attack, sustain enough injuries:
    • Try to free yourself (with low Aether mastery).
    • If Cyril voted against you, try attacking them.
    • Against Vallmar, try to escape, or parry with your sword with low Swordsmanship.

Not having trained in Aether will make the MC unable to protect themselves against Stanislas’s attack. While fighting Stanislas, select the choice “Every inch of my body screams with pain. I can’t do it. It’s over”.

How to Avoid RO death

If romanced, Cyril or Will can die while the MC fights Stanislas.

To save them:

  • Do not select “I can’t remain on the defensive forever; I attack.”
  • Do not go back and forth between attacking and defending, thus wasting time.
  • Choose one path and stick with it:
    • Either focus fully on the shield.
    • Or, if you have the option to take the sword from Stanislas’s hand, focus on that option.

The goal here is to defeat Stanislas as fast as possible.

Noble Assembly Vote

The final vote hinges on Cyril’s approval.

Both Cyril and Will have a hidden “Approval” meter, independent from their Affection meter. Their approval hinges on how much or how little they approve of the MC as a monarch.

If in a romance with Cyril and accepted their proposal, Cyril will always vote in favor of the MC. Cyril will only propose if their approval is high enough.

The following choices will decrease Cyril’s approval:

  • The MC argues that the Lavignac hold too much power.
  • The MC repeatedly criticizes them making decisions without their input.
  • The MC decides to go to war against Arington.
  • The MC kills Stanislas’s family.
  • The MC throws Gardiella in jail or executes them.
  • The MC threatens the Noble Assembly.

If their approval is too low while in a romance, Cyril will break up with the MC after the ball.

If Cyril overall approves of the MC, but the MC starts threatening the Nobles with death, Cyril can change their mind.

Will Abandons MC

Will has a hidden Approval meter, separate from their Affection meter.

Though, unlike Cyril, their affection is more closely linked to their approval. Dropping their Approval enough for them to abandon the MC will also drop their Affection.

For Will to abandon the MC against Stanislas, the most straightforward way is to kill or order the execution of Stanislas’s family.

Preferably, do not romance Cyril.

After the explosion that takes out the Assembly, choose Will.


If left alive, Stanislas can be either open to dialog, or hostile.

He is hostile if:

  • He managed to kill Cyril or Will
  • The MC killed his family
  • Pacifist stat is below 60

If “friendly”, Stan will be open to sharing more information, and the MC can choose to keep him as a sort of advisor.


Anafel, Kalltland, the Noble Assembly will get different conclusions depending on your choices and your Army Support score.

Accepting Nathaniel’s offer has consequences on the MC. Romancing him has a final scene (you must have accepted to inject the blood back).

If spared, Lilia will be at the castle.

If abandoned by Will and voted out by Cyril, the epilogue is shorter (the MC does not visit the castle).

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