Valheim – Tips for Defeating Bonemass

How to Defeat Bonemass

Note: Credit goes to ling.speed

Learn to dodgeroll (hold right click then space).

Learn his attacks and plan the fight, there isnt much, mele, puke, throw.

  • Melee – you dodge.
  • Puke – you hit him couple times and back out. Dont stay in it too long, get him to follow you so you can see what is happening. Blindness is more deadly than poison!
  • Throw mobs – if its blobs just ignore them completely. If you see archer fire, back away and clear them. If they are close to bonemass run away and let him chase you while they shoot, then they are easy pickings.

For setup ofc mace, resist potion and iron armor, eat food thats mostly red (hp) and take it slow. Always keep rested buff on. Few Hp potions are good, but if you dodge his main melee attack your hp food regen should be enough.

You dont need to be good player, you only need enough knowleage and awarness.

  • Walk a lot, dont jump. Stamina is your blood, be calm and collected, go in for 3 hits, wait/dodge for his melee attack, go 3 more hits and back out to regen stamina and see if other enemies appeared.

As an enemy, bonemass does not do much. Its the other mobs and terrain that really you should focus on.

  • Hoe the ground if its tough/deep.
  • Find a place he cant path through let him be confused whether he should follow you left or right, while other mobs run to you so you can clear them.
  • Dont engage him for too long, clean surroundings once in a while. In practice there is no rush.
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