Valheim – Plains Advice

Advice for Plains Biome

Note: Credit goes to Lord Scrote

Firstly first

  • Go back to Mountain and get full Fenris set. Sneak up on a Fuling village and invoke Eikthyr power.
  • Run like hell into the village, snatch a strand of flax and run like hell out and away until the Fulings get tired of chasing you.
  • Find an area where you can now grow that flax into enough for a full padded set.
  • If you managed to snatch barley then you have also unlocked bread, fish wraps and lox pie.
  • Also get those cloud berries and brew fire potion with some of that fresh barley.
  • Takes time but you can return to the Plains with padded set, fire potion and full nutrition.

Awareness of high ground around you

To retreat to should you be overwhelmed with baddies chasing you or get the “you are being hunted” alert.

No good farm

If you don’t already have a good farm, the plains is probably the best place to make one and also when good food starts to really matter.

I always sail around looking for a smallish plains island to make one on.

Something that its easy to cover in workbenches or whatever to stop stuff spawning there, then make a nice farm base.

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