Valheim – Helpful Tips for Mid-game and Sailing

Helpful Tips for Mid-game and Sailing

1) Ore’s and Metals for crafting cant be taken through a portal, but the nails to build a ship can. You can rebuild a boat after passing through a portal to save yourself half a world-trek.

2) Upgraded Bronze armor or Troll Armor at max will give you decent armor compared to the Iron set. Iron is tough to get and sometimes frustrating, consider getting iron hatchet / pickaxe while upgrading your previous tier set and skipping the armor until you get the Silver set.

3) When your in the swamp, dont run and jump everywhere. You will always be wet in the swamp so your stamina will decrease in restoration speed. Consider walking at a higher pace than the enemies (they are not that fast) and only running when you are right near them. And most importantly stay out of the water!

4) The plains is extreamly tough without full silver gear, consider taking a shield to protect from Deathsquito attacks.

5) The Iron Pickaxe is currently at the time of this writing the best pickaxe in the game, and is the first thing you should craft with Iron.

6) The Wolf Fur Cape is the first item to be made at the Mountain biome. It will protect you from the freezing temperatures and let you dig for silver far easier than having to craft frost resistance meads.

7) Sailing around an island can help you avoid wasting time, if your on the hunt for a specific resource try sailing around the entire island to make sure its large enough to be worth stopping.

8) Do not sail off the edge of the world, you’ll die and will not be able to recover your gear.

9) Consider using the finewood bow maxed out at level 4 even into the late game. It’s not very much weaker than the iron bow and it can be repaired with a level 1 crafting station. This makes it perfect for using and repairing on the go when exploring and sailing around the world.

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