Valheim – Underpowered Items & Gear

The Torch

It’s a stick that’s on fire. But it does 4 blunt and 15 fire, so you could use it as a club, and it is cheaper. It demolishs any fire weak creature such as greydwarves, so use this and a parry to help kill them when you’re only at clubs & nomadics stage of the game. It’s not perfect as it has garbage durabilty, so make sure you craft a couple. It pairs well with real weapons. You could probably use it one the elder w/ bronze axe and a good tower shield (you’ll see soon).

Tower Shields

Generally considered worse than that of round shields, the Tower shield is generally useless on 1 to 1 combat, and i advise also bringing a round shield as well. The wood stage of shields are a bit more balanced over blackmetal and other late game stages.

Tower shield progression should look a little like this:

  • wood tower -> serpent scale -> blackmetal

While also using round shields:

  • wood round -> bronze buckler -> banded -> silver -> blackmetal

For uses, the round shield is good in combat of 1 on 1 to 1 on 3 (boss v player is possible, with right prep, but tower shield is also good as bosses have big damage melee). After this, it gets harder to parry effectivly and such, and is only good up to 1 on 2 combat if the enemies are a high power combo (draugr 0-2 stars and blob/oozer).

This is where the tower shield comes in. The tower shield has high defense (and if they updated it, should have reduced stamina drain when hit) and is perfectly suited for attacks such as the elder’s long range spike branch attack. (Yes, you can block it, and 20% of the time pretty much nothing ever hits you if you stand still).

Bonk Stick

The club is borderline overpowered at lvl three. 24 blunt, with which a shield makes it easy to kill skeletons, which is (conviniently) what you need to upgrade it further. Good against skeletons.

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