Starfield – General Strategy Guide

This is a strategic overview and not a “How To Play” as how you play is ultimately up to you.

Quick Guide to General Strategy

One Of Three Approaches

Starfield is a complex RPG with elements that require your choices to be wisely made. There is a hidden agenda to playing this game, and how you approach your time investment is going to matter in a large way.

You have one of three approaches.

  1. Do the main quest first and ignore side quests.
  2. Do the side quests first and ignore the main quest until you are satisfied with your level of strength and gear.
  3. Do the main quest and side quests as you come across them without regard to your time investment.

Warning: Once you “complete” the main quest, you will have one of two choices to make. Stick with your universe, or move on to a new universe. Moving on will take EVERYTHING you earned material wise and wipe it clean. Your skills, knowledge and powers remain intact as do your levels. Everything else is reset, BUT, you get your own ‘Starborn’ advanced ship and special spacesuit, something you cannot get without leaving your universe.

If you do not care about time invested being wiped out by the quest mechanics, choose options 2 or 3. If it matters to you and the loss of goods and ships and weapons may tick you off, do option 1 instead.

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