Phasmophobia – Ghost Communication Guide (with Tips)

How to Communicate with Ghosts

Welcome to the guide about the basic ways to communicate with a ghost. This guide will contain information about the following: Spirit box, Ouija Board, Ghost writing book and basic dos and don’ts when talking to a ghost.

Basic Info about Ghost Communication

When talking to a ghost you must have local voice chat on by holding down the hotkey (V by default).


Ask it basic questions for example: How old are you, Where are You. etc…


1) You cannot say the ghosts name in your question consider the following.

  • Correct: How old are you?
  • Incorrect: (ghost’s name) how old are you

2) Only say the ghost’s name to anger it or try to get activity.

  • Do: If you have an inactive ghost say it’s name a few times to anger it.
  • Don’t: Do not say the ghost’s it if the ghost is hunting or if you or your team mate is at high risk for an attack.

Spirit Box

The spirit box is basically like talking to the ghost but the ghost will sometimes respond with words or letters.


  • Place the spirit box in the room where the ghost is located to get a response.
  • You can throw it onto the floor in the ghost room and it will still work the same.
  • The spirit box cannot be hear from outside the house.

Ouija Board

The Ouija board is sometimes random put in locations and have the potential to be extremely useful or extremely dangerous they are used to communicated via the ghost moving the piece to certain letters or characters on the board.

The Ouija board is risky because every time you use it your sanity gets reduced Significantly therefore increasing the ghost’s chance to hunt. They can be used by the ghost to tell the hunters where the ghost is in the house.

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