Phasmophobia – All Challenges in Game Basic Gameplay Tips

Gameplay Tips

Crouch Mode

From the start of game inside the van, you’re only allowed to crouch throughout the game. Only do standing when you’re putting equipments down or taking equipments.

This is also including ghost hunts, you can only do crouch sprinting only.

Good luck being a midget!

On Your Feet Bone, We Are Leaving!

Find the bone in Medium/Large maps!

There ya go. You read it right. You cannot LEAVE until you’ve discovered, took the picture, and took the bone. Do this challenge on these maps:

  • Brownstone High School
  • Prison
  • Asylum

Note: Doesn’t matter if you haven’t or already found the ghost types, DO NOT LEAVE until you have found the bone and took pictures of it.

Starter Kit Edition

Basically, only starter equipment, no buy, no adding more equipment to the max, nothing. Just simple OG equipment default.

Default equipment as shown below:

I recommend to use them in Professional Difficulty, as it is much harder and challenging to overcome the Starter kit edition Challenge!

No Sound + Visual Only Challenge!

Turn off your sound, and keep remaining 4 senses focus on finding ghosts evidences

This is the hardest challenge on this list!

Thankfully, Phasmophobia has made their game entirely POSSIBLE to complete without sound. All you gotta do was pay attention to clues and activities surrounding.

Doors opened, light flickers, thrown items, footprints, etc.

Beware though, without sound, getting clues on evidences items (EMF, Spirit Box, Video Camera,) are now little bit complicated as now you have to manually check them regularly to see if there’s a reaction in ghost room.

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