Inscryption – How to Farm Money (Second Chapter)

Money Farming in the 2nd Chapter

How to Farm

After playing a few runs, sooner or later you will notice a change in scenery and some innovations in gameplay. There will be 4 locations, and in each you will need to defeat 3 opponents and a local boss. Along the way, you will collect 4 decks and just about them will be discussed. In total, 3 methods of obtaining new cards were noted: Loot from the enemy, Finding in chests and Purchasing in the store. Each method does not need a description, but if you just go “on the main track”, then you will not be able to collect the entire collection of cards (you can track the progress in the tower on the left-bottom. There is a book in the right room on the first floor). But there is a way out, namely the purchase of packs in the store. And in order to scrape together the local currency for a test purchase, we need to go for one trick. What do we need for this:

  1. 2-3 very strong hitting cards.
  2. Access to the 2nd floor of the tower.

I will describe my method through the bones, since I took them with my starting deck, but you can think of something else, I just give you an idea.

Step 1

Find the dummy on the 2nd floor of the mage’s tower.

Step 2

Get a skeleton and an upgraded gravedigger in your starting hand (The card of the improved gravedigger is obtained in the mushroom on the right on the global map, if you bring 2 ordinary gravediggers there).

Step 3

On the first move, we expose the skeleton to get the bone. On the 2nd turn, we put the gravedigger on the 2nd cell to the left, opposite the mob of which it is impossible to beat. Then we skip the moves, while saving the bones, until there is 1 card left in your deck.

Step 4

We put a creature with an attack of 2+ in the 1st cell on the left, so that it can penetrate both dummies with single attack. In my case, it is Uraboros. A pile of bones is placed in any of the remaining cells. We feed it bones so that the damage is so much that after its blow the opponent left 1 hp.

Step 5

On the last move in a free space, we put the 3rd damaging creature, in my case it is a rat. You can donate a gravedigger for blood if needed. We give all the accumulated bones to the Pile. You can also take more skeletons and Draugrs into the deck, place them and break them with a hammer, which you can find on the left. Once again, we give the extracted bones to the Pile.

Result: 20+ currencies in less than a minute. Enough for 4 packs of cards or 5-8 cards from hand. This is even considering that I do not have the most optimal creatures, so I’m sure you can get more.

You can repeat it an infinite number of times. The mannequin will always be here waiting for you and will not change its table. As they say, less working, more luting currency.

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